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Warhammer Fan Creates Winning Display for Armies of Parade

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by Anne Freier
Nov 28, 2017

Each year, the Armies of Parade competition invites fantasy battle fans to create their own miniature army displays. One of this year’s entries at the NYC Warhammer store was Jason Krieger…

Former MakerBot creative director Jason Krieger is also a fantasy battle and DIY enthusiast. This year he gave an early display of his entry for Armies of Parade.

Armies of Parade is a contest held across various Warhammer and games workshops worldwide, which allows anyone to showcase their homemade army in the style of Citadel Miniature collections. The contest is held between October and November.

One of the main requirements for contestants is that their display has to fit into an area no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet. Winners are then decided by the public in-store.

Having already won Bronze last year, Krieger intended this time around to take gold for his “Death Guard” display.

He shared his creative journey with Brookhammer:

“I really wanted to make a custom display this year and finally try my hand at cutting out foam. I started by sketching out various ways I wanted to approach it, but since I was on a tighter budget than I had originally planned, I didn’t get as crazy as I had originally sketched out and adjusted a bit. The other difficult part is, living in Brooklyn in a tiny apartment, space is very limited. Thankfully I have a really awesome girlfriend that let me take over the dining table for a few months.”

The display in various stages of construction

How to Win Armies of Parade

Krieger used 2×2 insulation foam and cardboard boxes to build the main frame of the design. To trim the foam, he used a wire cutter.

Some of the elements of his final display, such as the doors, were created using molding material. He then used Woodland Scenic molds and hydrocal to form the rocks.

Following the initial parts creation, Krieger primed everything using Rustoleum black spray and grey tones as well as other colors for added depth. Various kits, such as the Imperial Knight Renegade boxes and Shardwrack Spines, added to the design.

“The final icing on the cake was to make a sign for my board. I’ve always seen cool name plaques online and wanted to make one for mine. I thought ‘Death March’ was a fun play on words — Death Guard… Marching… Get it?”

Thankfully, the hard work paid off for Krieger, who ended up winning gold in four out of five categories at the NYC Warhammer store.

 Source: Brookhammer

A close up view of Krieger's Armies of Parade entry

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