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Voxelizer Offers Experimental Image Mapping & Color Blending

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by Hanna Watkin
Sep 21, 2016

ZMorph is experimenting with a way to print 2D images onto 3D objects using the DUAL PRO toolhead and Voxelizer software. 

Polish 3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has added a bleeding edge feature to their Voxelizer software suite; experimental image mapping and color blending for 3D prints.

By using the ZMorph 2.0 SX printer and the DUAL PRO toolhead, you can print textures and images onto the surface of a selection of 3D printed objects.

“Currently, no other 3D printing software or 3D printer achieves such level of details in image mapping with color blending,” says Zmorph Marketing Manager Marcin Traczyk. “We were able to successfully print patterns, textures and whole images of cats and even the famous Mona Lisa painting.”

Currently, you can use image mapping for just five preset shapes. Only the shape sizes can be edited, but ZMorph says that soon you’ll be able to place images on all of your 3D prints.

Watch the video below to see an image mapping and color blending print in action.

Voxelizer Takes Your 3D Prints to the Next Level?

If you’re interested in testing out this experimental feature, you can turn the “image mapping” functionality on in the Help menu of the beta version of Voxelizer.

While preparing your 2D file, the 3D shape needs to be considered. The image is pasted around the object, and during printing the DUAL PRO extruder blends filaments depending on the number of shades set up.

The material switches are hidden inside the object to avoid creating an outline around the image. This does mean that the image is thicker, but it allows for a more detailed surface.

ZMorph cautions that right now image mapping with color blending is still limited and experimental. The object can be slightly edited, but the printing setup remains set at optimal speed, layer height and width.

Color blending currently works only with PLA filaments and offers up to 8 shades. ZMorph plans to introduce the stable version of Image Mapping in an upcoming update for Voxelizer.

With no need for post-production, this technique should be spectacular for art pieces and rapid prototyping. You can buy a DUAL PRO toolhead from the ZMorph website to begin experimenting with your own image mapping and color blending.


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