3D Voronoi Bracelet

3D Printed Voronoi Bracelet V1

Voronoi Bracelet V1
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As humans, we have an innate desire for beauty, charm, and class. Fascinating jewelry provides an oasis to quest our thirst for art and beauty. Voronoi bracelets can be the perfect gift for family or friends. Rocking a cool bracelet serves up as a subtle expression of your true inner vision and fashion style. Well, would have thought that complex mathematical structures and diagrams would become blueprints for visual art?

Voronoi Bracelet
The design is made from a generative procedure (source: i.Materialise)

Throughout history, Voronoi diagrams have had rich culture and application in astronomy, zoology, epidemiology, geophysics as well as meteorology. Today these diagrams have a medial axis which is used for 3D designers today aiding in image segmentation as well as jewelry segment augmentation.
In as far as parametric art is concerned, Voronoi diagrams have inspired a good number of 3D print works.

Voronoi Bracelet V1 from imaterialise
Looking good: the Voronoi Bracelet V1 (source: i.Materialise)

The generative Voronoi pattern creates an evocative and engaging 3D designs that incorporate Voronoi structures. Architects, designers, economists and scientists continue to experiment extensively on Voronoi structures. The relational geometric properties of Voronoi diagrams make them perfect for developing 3D jewelry.

ThingFuture has always been on the forefront in 3D Printing. They have a strong background in Jewelry, accessories and things. From pendants, necklaces to bracelets, they have great 3D sculptural designs. The Voronoi Bracelet V1 is one of the masterful works of art from ThingFuture. The 52mm polyamide material used for the 3D print provides flexibility to fit on any wrist. 3D Voronoi Bracelet V1 material dimensions are 61.28 x 69.26 x 58.66 mm / 2.413 x 2.727 x 2.309 inch.

You can order the bracelets from i.Materialise ($ 51.71, Polyamide).