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3D Printed Voronoi Bag

Voronoi Bag

Voronoibag1Voronoi diagrams have been used to explain and describe all sorts of different things from crystalline structures to economic market models, regions of influence in different cultures and much more. Inspired by the visual beauty of Voronoi diagrams, design company Thingfuture created a selection of 3D printed accessories, jewelry and other products – e.g. the Voronoi Bracelet 1 we presented in March.

Another visually appealing accessory is the Voronoi Bag. This is definitely a unique way to stand out in the crowd.

The Voronoi Bag comes in white polyamide and cost €197 in the i.Materialise shop.Shapeways carries the bag also in black and in metallic plastic (€270 and €390, respectively).The purse does not come with handles but these can be ordered separately online, or you can select your own handles at any accessory store.


The Voronoi Bag is the perfect gift for the woman that has everything. And, of course, for the woman who wants to be on the edge of fashion.

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