Visually Impaired Woman “Sees” Face of Boyfriend as Baby

Engagement Gift
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A 3D printed model of her finance as a baby was a heartwarming engagement gift to a visually impaired woman.

Have you got your tissues ready? Because we guarantee you’ll be blubbing fountains by the end of this story.

Miki and Domenico are a recently engaged couple from Como, Italy. Miki was surprised by her boyfriend Domenico with an usual but delightful gift; a bust of himself as a child. The reason is because Miki is visually impaired.

Domenico said in the video below: “She was continuously telling me that it is a pity that I can see your face now, but I can’t see not even one photo of you when you were small while other girlfriends can see their boyfriend’s photos as a kid.”

So Domenico came up with a creative solution, and in the process give Miki the perfect engagement gift too.

Recreating Memories from a 40 Year Old Photo

The wizards who made this possible are 3D Print Como, a 3D printer supplier, who had to work with a grainy 40-year-old photograph of Domenico at just five months old.

Artist and digital sculptor Simone Rasetti managed to create a 3D model from the photo using ZBrush software.

zbrush toddler

Once Rasetti had managed to construct the model, it was prepared for 3D printing on a Zortrax M200 by exporting the file to the Z-SUITE slicing software.

From here, a 3D printed bust ready in just a few hours. The perfect engagement present was finished, removed from the platform and ready to give to Miki.

Miki was delighted with her gift, saying: “When I miss him, this 3D model is a perfect way to think about him, as if I’m looking at his picture but I do not see him, I can touch him through my 3D sculpture.”

See? We told you this story would tug the heart-strings!

toddler bust