Most of them are free!

10 Most Amazing Video Game Characters to 3D Print

video game characters

Ah, 3d printed video game characters! Without them, your desk or shelf would be so empty. We’ve assembled the most adorable video game statues and figurines for 3D printing. 

All 3d printed video game characters you see in the article are made for downloading – most are free downloads, for some you pay a small sum. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can have the designs printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #1: Batman Figurine

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-10 um 13.59.09

Referenced Game: This Batman figurine is referencing on the Batman Arkham series.It was made using Zbrush in high detail and printed on Zortrax M200. After printing, it was colored one with acrylic colors on ABS filament. One of the most beautiful 3D printed Batman statues you can get.

Difficulty Level: Medium.

Where can I get it? At Pinshape for $6,50.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #2: Minecraft Steve, TNT, and Pig


Referenced Game: Well, that’s obvious: Minecraft, of course. Just 3D print Steve, the TNT and the pig, add some acrylic color and you’re done. It’s one of the great video game statues to 3D print with kids.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Where can I get it? At Cults 3D. And – yay – it‘s free.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #3: Clank Figure


Referenced Game: This is a 3D printed Clank figurine from the video game and movie Ratchet & Clank. At the scale given, it’ll end up being about 6 inches tall.

Difficulty Level: Difficult. You need to 3D print several parts and assemble them.

Where can I get it? At Cults 3D. The video game statue is free so that you can save the money for next Ratchet & Clank video game.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #4: Clash of Clans Barbarian King

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-10 um 14.12.09

Referenced Game: When it comes to video game characters to 3D print, this one’s a must-have. “The Barbarian King is the toughest and the meanest barbarian in all the realm, whose appetite for Dark Elixir has caused him to grow to a giant size. He can attack enemy villages or guard your village”, says the official Clash of Clans guide. So have this video game statuette guard your phone.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Where can I get it? From MyMiniFactory as a free download.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #5: Flappy Bird

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-10 um 14.18.06

Referenced Game: Technically speaking, this is no video game statue… but what can you expect from a 2D character. Flappy Bird was a one-hit-wonder app from 2013, which drove us crazy. Print for yourself and be reminded of those moments of joy and pure frustration negotiating those pipes.

Difficulty Level: Easy. 

Where can I get it? From MyMiniFactory as a free download.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #6: Link Sculpture


Referenced Game: Link is sitting peacefully on a Triforce, gazing at a fairy – that’s one of the great video game statues. It has a triforce base with temple spirit stones and medallion symbols from “Ocarina of Time”. The perfect gift for any “The Legend of Zelda” fan.

Difficulty Level: Advanced. 

Where can I get it? From Cults 3D for €4,71.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #7: Fallout Vault Boy Figurine

Fallout Vault Boy

Referenced Game? Vault Boy is the mascot character of the Vault-Tec corporation within the “Fallout” universe. He appears in adverts, manuals, products and training films. In your Pip-Boy, he provides an iconic representation of your all stats. Also, his statues give the player an instant star to ramp up your perks, traits or skills. He commonly expresses a wide grin but has been shown to make other facial expressions as well. There’s also a lesser-known Vault Girl.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Where can I get it? There are several models. You find the one pictured on Thingiverse. Also, MyMiniFactory provides a model.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #8: Star Wars BB8 Figurine


Referenced Game: Well, BB8 is an icon for the whole new Star Wars franchise, right? The reference for the video game statue is “Star Wars Battlefront” – but as a Star Wars geek, you’ll love this BB8 figurine anyway. Also, you can scale BB8 to whatever size your 3D printer can cope.

Difficulty Level: Easy. You don‘t need to print any rafts or supports. 

Where can I get it? From MyMiniFactory – for free!

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #9: Hitman Statue


Referenced GameThis is a 3d printable Hitman figurine based on the “Hitman Absolution Collector’s Edition” Figurine.

Difficulty Level: Easy. Just need some acrylic color to get the tie right shade of red. 

Where can I get it? From Thingiverse. It‘s free.

Best Video Game Characters to 3D Print #10: Low Poly Pokemon Statue

low-poly pokemon pikachu

Referenced Game: Pikachu was introduced in the first ever Pokémon. The character is the most famous recognizable Pokémon. Over the years, Pikachu has become so popular that it serves as the Pokémon franchise mascot. Looks cute, but beware of his Volt tackle spell.

Difficulty Level: Easy. Great weekend project with your kid. 

Where can I get it? You find several 3D printable Pokemon models on Thingiverse. The one pictured is from Maker Flowalistik. If you want to know more about him, continue here.

Are we missing some great 3d printed video game characters? Please let us know in the comments.