Support from Below

Trusst Lingerie use 3D Printing to Provide Support

Trusst Lingerie

Trusst is a team of women, including engineers and designers, who have been working on a new system of bra support, catered towards larger busted women.

suzanneTheir mission started with a simple question, as they explain on their website, what if bras could support us? What if they were comfortable?

From this, they decided to work on a bra which had both proper support and was attractive in a larger cup size. The team said: “We were sick of the lack of options in larger cup sizes, and realized the extreme need for innovation in the lingerie industry.”

In 2014 industrial designers Laura West and Sophia Berman set out to fill this gap and entered AlphaLab Gear, a nationally ranked hardware accelerator in Pittsburg, PA.

How Does Trusst Lingerie Work?

To create bras which were more comfortable, the team removed underwire from the equation, bought a 3D printer, and began prototyping. It took around 300 prototypes but they eventually found the answer they had been looking for.

The way the bra works is to support the weight of your bust from underneath, removing the burden on your shoulder straps and refocusing the support around the core of your body where your strongest muscles are.

They said: “In it’s simplest form, we’ve developed a system (a truss – get it?) that creates lift. We’ve had hundreds of women test and try out our new system and we’re getting rave reviews.”

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You may have seen the Kickstarter page which the designers launched which raised $78,889 of $25.000. This comfortable lingerie is now being sold for between $100 and $130, but can you put a price on comfort?

Currently, Trusst has three bras – the Jessica, the Marjory, and the Suzanne which are all available to pre-order. If you’re interested then don’t forget to check out their website and definitely make sure to watch the hilarious video below.