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Trinckle 3D and TNT Partner Up

Trinckle 3D

Trinckle and TNT Germany have partnered up to seek of better business opportunities. The two German companies will act in the benefit of each other.

As 3D printing businesses grow steadily, and the technology is ”invading” almost all manufacturing sectors, more and more companies realize that 3D printing is here to stay. It is only a matter of time before they will be called to implement it in their business plan and activities.

That is exactly the case with TNT Germany. The shipping and delivery service decided it was time to partner up with the Trinckle 3D printing bureau to explore the possibilities (and, arguably, also the threats) offered by 3D printing. The partnership suggests that TNT will take care of Trinckle 3D’s deliveries while they will get the chance to study and realize how 3D printing technologies shape today’s market.

Partners and Packaging: Trinckle 3D and TNT team up (image: Trinckle 3D)
Partners and Packaging: Trinckle 3D and TNT team up (image: Trinckle 3D)

Exploring New Ways to Satisfy the Customers

This will be crucial for any delivery service to develop new processes to serve their customers in more efficient ways in the future. It is still unclear how TNT will utilize 3D printing directly. But as the scope of possibilities of the technology is quickly widening, so are the probable applications in every sector including the delivery services one.

In the short terms, TNT and Trinkle 3D may begin offering 3D printing as an option to their enterprise customers. One fascinating long-term scenario could involve printed delivery drones in the Amazon fashion, but this is by no means suggested by the official press release.

For Trinckle, this partnership can act as a step forwards as the online marketplace will now be able to offer its enterprise 3D printing services to an ever border range of companies, and rely on a solid partner such as TNT for logistics.