3D scanning

EinScan-SE 3D Scanner Review: Affordable High-End Scans

The EinScan-SE 3D from Shining 3D is a high-end 3D scanner at a fair price. Check out our EinScan-SE 3D scanner review to learn more!

Mask Reflection
Plastic Surgeon Uses 3D Scanning and Printing to Show Clients’ their Future Face

A plastic surgeon in Turkey is using 3D scanning and printing to create masks, in color, to show patients how they'll look after surgery. 

Artistic Touch
3D Printing Helps Blind “See” Civil War Artifacts at Virginia Museum

The Virtual Curation Laboratory in Virginia is 3D scanning and 3D printing Civil War artifacts to offer a "touch tour" for blind visitors.

Around the World
Ultra Rare Braille Globe to be Scanned and 3D Printed

The State Library Queensland in Australia plans to recreate a rare and delicate Braille Globe using scanning and 3D printing technologies.

Autodesk 123D Catch Review
Autodesk 123D Catch Review

Autodesk's 123D Catch is an App for iOS, Android and Windows PC operating systems that can generate high-resolution 3D models using a series of photographs

Smartphone Scanning
Sony Xperia XZI Smartphone Will Include “3D Creator” Scanning App

Sony is launching the Xperia XZI smartphone, which includes a 3D scanning app called 3D Creator that allows you to capture reality in 3D.

Smartphone Scanning
Sony and Sculpteo Team Up on Smartphone 3D Printing Service

Sculpteo and Sony announce a new partnership to 3D print objects and faces scanned with 3D Creator on the Sony Xperia XZ1 smartphone.

Printing the past
Missing Bones in Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Provided by 3D Printing

The Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands used 3D scanning and printing to complete the third most complete T-Rex skeleton.

Celestial Bodies
3D Scanning the Statue of Christ of the Pacific Using a Drone

Jeff Cremer is a wildlife photographer who used a drone, a camera and modeling software to 3D print a replica of Christ of the Pacific.

All the Fish!
ScanAllFish Project Turning World’s Fish into 3D Scans

University of Washington professor Adam Summers wants to create a library of 3D fish scans for research and 3D printing. #ScanAllFish

The Holy Scan
Scientists Use Water & Robots to Create 3D Scanning Technique

Israeli scientists use robot arm and ancient water measurement technique to accurately capture the 3D structure of complex objects.

SHINING3D Takes on the Global Market With New Scanners

All3DP was in attendance for the opening of Shining 3D's EMEA office. CEO Li Tao shares insight about 3D scanning and 3D printing products.

Band Aid
3D Scanning & 3D Printing Unwraps Ancient Mummy Secrets

At a new exhibition in Sydney, Australia, 3D technology is used to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Mummy -- including causes of death.

Take Home a Piece of History
British Museum Embarks on New Dimension in Home Shopping

Thanks to the wonders of 3D scanning and printing, you'll soon be able to buy a perfect replica of your favorite item from the British Museum.

Scannosaurus Rex
MIT Researchers Use Microsoft Kinect to 3D Scan Gigantic T-Rex Skull

The MIT Camera Culture group uses just $150 worth of scanning equipment to capture a high-resolution 3D scan of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull.