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Ceramic 3D Printers
Ceramic 3D Printing – The Essential Guide

3D printed ceramics are practical and decorative. Learn more about ceramic 3D printing or even build your own ceramic 3D printer.

Saving $$$
20 Thrifty Tips to Help Reduce the Cost of 3D Printing

Here are 20 great ways to reduce the cost of 3D printing. Avoid unnecessary costs and become a frugally-minded maker with the following tips.

3D Printed Figurines
3D Print your Pet

You want to immortalize your beloved pet? 3D printing service "PetPrints3D" allows you to create a high-quality 3D figurine just from photos.

3DBenchy in White Polyamide
Shapeways & Alternative 3D Printing Services Compared

What can you expect if you have a 3D model printed by services like Shapeways? 3D printing services compared for quality, price and speed.

3D printing service
More than 3D selfie studios: The Doob Group

Germanys Doob Group offers 3D selfie studios in Duesseldorf, New York and Tokyo. Besides that, they offer innovative 3D printing services.

Smartphone Scanning
Sony Xperia XZI Smartphone Will Include “3D Creator” Scanning App

Sony is launching the Xperia XZI smartphone, which includes a 3D scanning app called 3D Creator that allows you to capture reality in 3D.

Get it printed!
Professional 3D Printing & Price Comparison Service

Have you ever thought about the interesting world of 3D printing, but never quite knew how to get started? Here’s the solution for you.

He who seeks shall find!
How to Hire the Best 3D Designer for Your Needs

So you need a custom 3D printable file? Here’s everything you need to know about to hire a 3D designer for your needs.

Support Disaster Relief
All3DP Supports Texas: 3D Printing For Disaster Relief

To help Texans during Hurricane Harvey, All3DP will donate $10 for each order that is ordered via our Price Comparison Service until Sunday.

3D Printshow Berlin
Interview with Dr. Gabor Forgacs, Organovo

All3DP.com talked to Dr. Gabor Forgacs, Organovo, about his perspective on 3D printing industry - today and tomorrow.

Just look better
Create Your Perfect Sunglasses with Scope for Design

scope for design hope to bring 3D printing to shoppers through use of an app and the ability to buy from the high street or even online.

3D printing service
Meltwerk slashes the price of 3D printing by 85%

3D printing service Meltwerk promises to cut the price for 3D printed objects drastically. On some prints you can save up to 85 percent.

Getting organized
Tidy Up Your Desk Using 3D Printed Accessories

These 3D printed accessories keep your desktop clutter-free: Get rid of cable clutter, easily retrieve storage cards, batteries or pens.

On Expansion Course
UPS Expands 3D Printing Operations To Europe and Asia

In September 2014, delivery titan UPS started bringing 3D printing to their stores in the USA. Now they are taking the next steps.

A Great Addition to 3D Printing
Sculpteo Offers Laser Cutting and Engraving Now

3D printing service Sculpteo broadens its range by offering online Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving. You can apply for the beta program now.