Future Living Report Predicts 3D Printed Everything in 100 Years

Future Living Report
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Future Living Report speculates that in 100 years we’ll live in underwater cities, holiday in space, and 3D printed food and buildings will be the norm.

SmartThings Future Living ReportThe SmartThings Future Living Report was commissioned by Samsung, and authored by space scientist Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, urban planners and designers Linda Aitken and Els Leclercq, plus University of Westminster architects and lecturers Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess.

It has lots of wacky predictions for the next century, including flexible furniture, light-up walls to decorate our home, and 3D printed food and buildings.

Holidays in 2116 also have an interesting spin; have you ever fancied a trip to Mars or the Moon? The report suggests we’ll be closer than ever to colonizing space.

However, if you’d prefer to stay within the Earth’s atmosphere, then moving your home using a drone, instead of booking a hotel, may be more up your street.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the predicted three day working week with meetings being attended remotely thanks to hologram technology.

Where Do These Future Living Report Predictions Come From?

The writers based their predictions on current technology, along with projections about the world’s population growth and energy needs, with their ideas modeled specifically on the city of London.

SmartThings UK managing director James Monighan said:

“The smartphone revolution is now ushering in the smart home revolution, making it possible for anyone to easily monitor, control, and secure their home from anywhere through one simple app. This wave of technology is already here, and it’s having a massive impact on how we secure our homes, stay connected to loved ones, and save energy.”


In general, your home will be able to respond to all of your needs and, of course, this means each home will have its own 3D printer to make small objects on demand.

Disconcertingly, it seems that in this future we’re likely to find that new technology — like home grown and 3D printed food, drone deliveries, and in-home body-scanning capsules that check you for disease — may leave us a little house bound.

The report states: “Homes will increasingly become self-contained, autonomous spaces generating their own oxygen and food; we will effectively all be creating our very own little planet Earths.”

Sounds intriguing. What do you think about these predictions? Do you have any of your own? Let us know in the comments.