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I am one of those people who don’t fall asleep soon after I am snuggled in bed, so until sleep catches up with me, I check my mails on my tablet and even spare some time to catch a movie. The morning of the next day, I’d find my tablet on the floor and sometimes when I hadn’t dropped it in the night, I’d find it between my sheets. I disliked this very much so I embarked on a journey to find the perfect solution to my problem.

The Tabletop Stand in sandstone (source: Shapeways)
The Tabletop Stand in sandstone (source: Shapeways)

That is when I came across this 3D printed Tabletop Stand designed by Nerdvice. It is a simple yet elegant stand that holds your smartphone, tablet or Kindle at a comfortable angle on your tabletop or on your bed blanket. Nerdvice is a designer who specializes in elegance and functionality. His other areas of expertise include 3D modeler, artist, maker, and artisan.

The Tabletop Stand is made from two plastic or sandstone, both are are durable materials that offer a firm base for your device. This stand allows hands-free use of your device, hence it is great for watching videos or reading ebooks. The Tabletop Stand is available in a variety of colors and finishes. The price for the sandstone edition is $59, while the plastic stand costs $55.

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