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Swiss Student 3D Prints Automatic Rubber Band Sentry Gun

Sentry gun

3D Printing offers unlimited creative possibilities. Some prints are useful, some practical, some just for fun. Like the fully 3D printed rubber band sentry gun built by Swiss student Kevin Thomas, aka Tristomietitordetuit on Thingiverse.

Kevin is studying micro-technic engineering in Bienne, Switzerland. He uses his 3D design skills to create, build and share things in his free time.

This project, which he named “Rubber Sentry Gun MK3” is sure to raise some eyebrows. It is fully functional. And every component has been 3D printed.

Sentry guns, that is automatic guns that can aim, target and shoot without human control, are are a typical videogame item. In recent times have expanded into real, physical war games as well, such as this involving paintball and airguns.

Just like with drones and other robots, there is a growing community of users who create and share sentry gun technology for sporting and gaming purposes. To power his own project, Kevin used the open source software from the Project Sentry Gun and implemented into his own rubber band based design, using his BQ Witbox 3D printer to actually make all the parts.

Considering that the sentry gun is in fact a robot, it may be violating one of Asimov’s laws of robotics, however, as long as it’s just rubber band shooting, it can certainly be considered a great exercise in 3D printing, automation and fun.