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STONEDALONE is 3D Printed Mystical Jewelry


The STONEDALONE jewelry line brings the ancient power of crystals together with 3D printing technology to create mystical fashion accessories. 

Wynn Mustin is a candidate for an MFA in design and engineering at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, and STONEDALONE is her master’s dissertation creation.

She has decided to apply cutting edge technologies to an ancient practice to help buyers gain useful, modern-day powers.

For example, orange crystals or stones are traditionally a talisman for confidence, so Mustin has a modern day spin with orange 3D printed crystals to encourage the wearer to gain more social media followers.

Other examples include her purple crystal making you “seem Instagram filtered IRL,” while the blue crystal “mimics an expression of  shavasana after a harrowing Reddit session.”

Mustin told The Creators Project: “The inspiration for STONEDALONE was born from a lengthy meditation and deep personal link with the ether. The cosmos that shown a bewildered state of the connection between engineering and spirit sent me energies.”

How StonedAlone Jewelry is Made

Mustin said of her use of 3D printing: “I think that this project is a little bit critical of 3D printing because it really does try to push the boundary of materials and tries to use 3D printing as a final medium rather than a prototyping tool that people might be familiar with because of engineering or robotics.”

Once Mustin has created a design, she 3D prints a crystal orginal using a Makerbot printer and then casts a mold from it. From there she casts that mold in resin and sets it to create 3D printed jewelry settings.

She added: “At the beginning of this project I started doing a lot of research into how naturally occurring crystals and metals and minerals have been used ritualistically as talismans for magic. Color is a particular kind of energy that has a very strong effect on the human mind.”

Mustin says she chose to artificially create crystals because: “The derivative 3D printing techniques involved in the crystal formation create a delicate harmony between digital fabrication and the spirituality of handcraft.”

However, she warns that as with all talismans, everyone’s expertise is their own and they only function as instruments to assist us on our unique courses.

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