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3D Printed Speaker for iPhone 6

iPhone speaker

Sometimes you can listen to a song and it takes you back in time, evoking memories that transcend all space and time. Music can also switch moods instantly, releasing handsome amounts of feel-good endorphins from our brains. Music makes us get more in tune with our emotional side, enhancing social interaction while adding quality to our lives.

Despite the trend-setting specs features we love about our iPhone 6, the internal speakers are not really designed for loud music output. Unless you are wearing earphones you won’t get the full audio experience conventional speakers offer. This is where designer and maker Datheus comes in.

iPhone 6 speaker by Datheus (source: Sculpteo)
iPhone 6 speaker by Datheus (source: Sculpteo)

Datheus designed a 3D printed iPhone 6 speaker. To be more precise: His “speaker” is a natural amplifier. When you place your iPhone in the device, it improves the iPhone original speaker’s sound quality. And it does so without power supply and without requiring a cable or Bluetooth connection to the iPhone.

The speaker/amplifier can be ordered from Sculpteo. It is available in various materials (plastic, resin, alumide, multicolor), colors and finishes. Prices start at 50 Euro.

Off course, you can place any smartphone in the slot – as long as it is not wider than the iPhone’s 67mm.