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Give A Personalized 3D Printed SpaceTime Pendant This Holiday

SpaceTime Pendant

Looking for a romantic gift or the perfect Christmas present for a science nerd? Check out the personalized 3D printed SpaceTime pendant.

Award-winning French artist Govy has created a 3D printed pendant with an interesting twist. Her jewelry isn’t just pretty, it also shows a personalized constellation of the solar system for the date of your choice.

Govy uses the data provided by NASA, so your individualized pendant is both accurate in design and beautiful. This holiday season, give this unique present to anyone interested in astronomy and science.

Far out, huh? Govy’s idea also caught the attention of backers on Kickstarter. Now, you can preorder your own funky interstellar pendant from her successful campaign page.

The hole in the middle of the pendant represents the sun, and it’s also where the chain passes through. Plus, you can use the pendant like a push-pin badge, key ring, bracelet, or piece of jewelry.

spacetime pendant

SpaceTime Pendant Gifts for Everyone

So can you get your hands on one? First, choose a date and Govy calculates the precise positioning of a planet and its orbital path using data from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,

She’ll use your chosen date to generate a custom 3D model with the exact position of all the planets circulating the sun at that point in time. Choose the print material you want from plastic, brass, steel, bronze, titanium, silver, aluminum or gold.

Then, Govy sends the finished file to i.materialiseThey’ll print the pendant and send it to you.

The sun and eight planets are shown as holes in the pendant with orbital paths displayed as concentric etched lines. Sizes and distances are schematized. 

Have a special person in your life who loves space and astronomy? No matter if it’s a wedding anniversary, Christmas or a birthday, this lovely and unique SpaceTime pendant makes the perfect gift.

Pre-order your own pendant from Govy’s Kickstarter page.

Source: i.materialise