They Printed Kenny!

3D Printed South Park Figurines Available for First Time

South Park

For fans of South Park and gross-out humor, the characters from the long-running TV show are now available as 3D printed collectors items.

To celebrate the 20th season of South Park, intellectual property specialist Source3 has launched a new line of exclusive character figurines on 3D printing service Shapeways.

The beginning of a three-year programme, the collection will grow to feature new and old characters on a regular basis. Each model is 3D printed in full-color sandstone.

Currently, the South Park figure collection features the lead quartet of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Side characters like the farting Canadians Terrance and Phillip are also present, plus characters previously unavailable due to traditional licensing and manufacturing.

We’re holding out hope that they’ll be adding Chef and his chocolate salty balls to the collection soon.

South Park

Where can you buy the South Park collection?

Can’t wait to get your grubby mitts on Cartman? He and the rest of the figurines are available to purchase now on the Shapeways online shop.

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have also hand signed a limited number of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny figurines.

Collectors who purchase the full set will have an opportunity to win these signed figures. Head to Source3 for the full terms and conditions on how to enter.

Scott Sellwood Head of Partnerships at Source3, said:

“We are thrilled to work with South Park, one of the deepest and most incredible portfolio of characters and moments ever created. Using 3D printing and on-demand production, we can create an evolving line of character collectibles previously unavailable to fans.”

The initial set looks pretty neat, and it’s forward thinking of South Park Studios to embrace 3D printing technology via licensing. Hopefully other brands in the entertainment industry will be inspired to follow their example.

Source: Shapeways

South Park