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The Songbird

3D Printed Gun “Songbird” Uses Nails And Office Supplies

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by Hanna Watkin
Sep 30, 2016

All over the word, 3D printed gun are discussed highly controversial. Still, a community of US-American makers is developing more reliable 3D printed firearms. The Songbird is their latest iteration. 

It seems a small group of US makers are putting a lot of effort in perfecting 3D printed firearms. A YouTuber who calls himself “Guy in a Garage” has built a reusable 3D printed firearm called “The Songbird.” It has a very low-tech approach, using a roofing nail as firing pin. The spring system has been replaced with rubber bands.

Still, the gun one seems to do its job. Whereas most 3D printed guns can’t survive a single shot, the Songbird seems to have solved the problem of durability.  You can clearly see in the YouTube videos that this gun can shoot more than one round.


The gun was tested with .22 rifle cartridges. In the latest iteration, it has been upgraded to shoot .357 Magnum rounds.

Made from Office Supplies, Nylon, and ABS

The barrel holder was 3D printed in nylon, the rest of the 3D printed gun is made from ABS. What’s new about the Songbird is the barrel liner itself. The liner fits into the gun frame; this means you can use the gun more than once. According to the videos, the gun provides enough mechanical strength to fire without shattering thanks to the liner’s double material design.

Please keep in mind that strict gun regulations apply to 3D printed guns. So even the possession of a  3D printed gun or the digital blueprints may put you in jail in some countries. US citizens should also know the possession of 3D printed gun files aren’t considered free speech.

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