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15 Greatest Skyrim 3D Models to 3D Print

skyrim 3D model

Finally, Skyrim is available on next-generation consoles. If you’re into cool merchandise, check these Skyrim 3D models for 3D printing – most of them are free.

We don’t know about you, but whenever we start this game, we feel like home. Although Bethesda’s RPG’s has been around since 2011, it’s still one of the finest RPGs ever made. Initially, the game came out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Finally, it has been updated to PS4 and Xbox One with a lot of new features, new textures and the possibility to play mods on consoles (was about time, anyway).

So, if you want to accompany the launch with a nice gadget, here‘s good news: There are plenty of merchandising articles available in the Elder Scrolls universe. But why not 3D print some? All the models you see here are either free or available for a fraction of the cost of original merchandise.

If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the Skyrim 3D models printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

Skyrim 3D Model #1: Daedric Sword


What‘s this? It’s a Daedric one-handed sword, which is somewhat similar to a scimitar. You encounter these powerful weapons in the game when you’ve leveled up to 45, still they are hard to find. This 3D printed sword also is not very easy to make, as it consists of several pieces which you have to glue together. But if your real-life skill of tinkering is high, you can make this beauty in several days.

Who made it? Freelance 3D generalist Mieszko Lacinski.

Where Can I Get it? At MyMiniFactory for free.

Skyrim 3D Model #2: Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

samsung_galaxy_s5_skyrim 3d model

What‘s this? A Skyrim 3D model for a smartphone case isn’t hard to find – there are models available for quite a bunch of phones. We really liked this Samsung S5 case, as it looks particularly elegant.

Who made it? Designer Adzertic.

Where Can I Get it? You’ll get the Skyrim 3D model at GC Trader for $7.

Skyrim 3D Model #3: Two-Handed Axe


What‘s this? Battleaxes are powerful melee weapons, and in the game, this axe is no difference. They are somewhat hard to enchant, though. This two-handed axe was made for the designer’s son’s Halloween costume.

Who made it? Designer Jason Cox.

Where Can I Get it? At MyMiniFactory for free.

Skyrim 3D Model #4: Nightingale Bow

Skyrim 3D model Nightingale Bow

What‘s this? The Nightingale Bow is a unique archery weapon found in Tamriel. The bow can be obtained during the Thieves Guild questline. Because the bow is leveled, the magnitude of the enchantments, the base strength, and value of the bow are based on your character level; meaning that with every level-up, this bow deals more damage. This Skyrim 3D model is quite beautiful, but not very easy to make.

Who made it? Mechanical design engineer Marco Antonio.

Where Can I Get it? At MyMiniFactory as a free download.

Skyrim 3D Model #5: Skyrim Logo

Skyrim 3D model logo

What‘s this? There’s no shortage on Skyrim logo 3D files. On the contrary, if you take a look at 3D printing search engine Yeggi, you get quite a selection. We picked the one above as this Skyrim 3D model is easy to 3D print.

Who made it? Designer, engineer and maker John Jones.

Where Can I Get it? At Thingiverse for free.

Skyrim 3D Model #6: Dragon Priest Mask


What‘s this? In the game, you get a Dragon Priest Mask defeating each of the eight unique dragon priests that appear in fixed locations. Each mask is unique in color and varies in material. Masks are named after their respective masters and have unique effects. Very cool items for magicians. This 3D printed Skyrim mask consists of four pieces you glue together.

Who made it? Designer Amba Aradan.

Where Can I Get it? At MyMiniFactory for free.

Skyrim 3D Model #7: Alduin Dragon Bust

Skyrim 3D model Alduin

What‘s this? In the 5th Elder Scrolls game, Alduin is the nordic God of Destruction, the World Eater and quite a mean boss dragon. If you defeat him, you’ve finished the main quest – and what’s cooler to honor this with 3D printing this bust, mounting it to a wall and use it as a coat hanger?

Who made it? Designer Martin PMP.

Where Can I Get it? At MyMiniFactory as a free download.

Skyrim 3D Model #8: Dovahkiin Helmet

Skyrim 3D model Dovahkiin Helmet

What‘s this? This is an iconic helmet from the game. It‘s an easy print and – unless you scale it big time – is not made for wearing but for your desktop. Or for your teddy bear.

Who made it? Designer MHypothetical.

Where Can I Get it? For free at Thingiverse.

Skyrim 3D Model #9: Nettlebane


What‘s this? Nettlebane is a unique dagger and a quest item. It is almost identical to Ebony Daggers but has lower base damage, weighs more and has a lower value than an Ebony Dagger. This mystical weapon is required to gather the Eldergleam’s sap. Also, it’s not very complicated to 3D print.

Who made it? Designer Mieszko Lacinski.

Where Can I Get it? For free at MyMiniFactory.

Skyrim 3D Model #10: Skyrim Keychain

Skyrim 3D model Keyring

What‘s this? Another logo, this time with a loop for you to attach your keys to. They are then guarded by dragons, metaphorically speaking,

1Who made it? Designer Dev, who also did a lovely Portal cube.

Where Can I Get it? For free at MyMiniFactory.

Skyrim 3D Model #11: Dawnguard Vampire Lord


What‘s this? This is a bust of the Vampire Lord for the Skyrim downloadable content “Dawnguard” – it serves as an extension of traditional vampirism that‘s available in all major Elder Scrolls Games. In the game, you can become one of these beasts.

Who made it? Designer/Maker Dennis Mejillones.

Where Can I Get it? Free download at Pinshape.

Skyrim 3D Model #12: Daedric Shield

What‘s this? 
A wall mounted shield that’s cut into 9 pieces. It is about 2 feet high and 11/2 feet wide. It’s not exactly an item you would want to wield for cosplay, as it’s not perfectly balanced and need a handle. But it should look great on your wall.

Who made it? Maker Dmaccallum.

Where Can I Get it? Free download from Pinshape.

Skyrim 3D Model #13: Elven Dagger

Skyrim 3D model
What‘s this? 
Elven weapons are robust, enchantable and pretty effective in melee combat. You can find the first elven daggers when you reach level 19, the first enchanted ones when you get to level 20. Delphine has one in her inventory (careful: pickpocketing will affect your karma / stats); also you can look in the Thalmor embassy for one.

Who made it? Maker Dillon Rice

Where Can I Get it? At Pinshape for $6.50.

Skyrim 3D Model #14: Black Soul Gem

Skyrim 3D model Black Soul Gem
What‘s this? 
Black Soul Gems are magical containers that can store human souls. So if you’ve decided to stroll on the path of killing humans and robbing their souls, you need some Black Soul Gems, which are very rare to find. This Skyrim 3D models is easy to print; all you need to do is color it.

Who made it? Maker Dang2000

Where Can I Get it? At Thingiverse for free.

Skyrim 3D Model #15: Ring of Fire

Skyrim 3D model Ring

What‘s this? Skyrim is full of lovely rings and amulets. This ring adds +1 to your fire resistance, and +3 to fortitude! Smithe using moon-forged metals only – or 3D print it in just 15 minutes. A simple yet great design.

Who made it? Maker Tachyio

Where Can I Get it? At Thingiverse for free.