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Simplify3D 3.1 Update with 3D Printer Compatibility Tool


With version 3.1, the new software update for Simplify3D expands its industry-leading 3D printer compatibility and reliability

Simplify3D comes one step closer to creating a universal software platform for 3D printing, with version 3.1, adding support for more printers than ever before.

The company believes that many people are now buying their second or third 3D printer, and look to address a growing problem where owning and operating multiple 3D printers can be difficult and time-consuming.

The latest release from Simplify3D adds support for over 30 new printer models. These new additions include the latest da Vinci printers from XYZprinting, as well as other popular models like the LulzBot TAZ 6, FlashForge Finder, PowerSpec Ultra, BCN3D Sigma, Raise3D, Qidi Technology, and Geeetech printers.

Don’t see your machine on the list? Don’t worry, it won’t be hard for you to find out whether your printer is compatible with Simplify3D; a new Printer Compatibility Tool does it for you.


What’s New in Simplify3D 3.1?

New features and improvements to the software platform include new enhancements for USB Communication — printing with your USB cable means you can now have a real-time error check.

What this means is that the software will automatically validate each command that it sends, and this will allow your printer to recover from transmission errors that would otherwise stop a print.

A long-standing feature of Simplify3D is that it allows you to customize where your support structures are added with “Intuitive Editing of Internal Supports”. The new release combines this functionality with the cross-section tool, so users can look inside their models and edit internal supports that would otherwise be hidden from the outside.

As well as this, you will find that there is support for Bits-from-Bytes (BFB) file formats which enables another generation of 3D printers to utilize Simplify3D’s state-of- the-art slicing and printing capabilities.

Simplify3D 3.1 is available today as a free upgrade for all existing Simplify3D customers. To learn more about the software or to download the latest release, check out their website.