Featured image of Shower with a 3D Printed Dolphin, Dinosaur or Dragon Head from Zooheads
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Shower with a 3D Printed Dolphin, Dinosaur or Dragon Head from Zooheads

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by Hanna Watkin
Mar 23, 2018

Brooklyn-based company Zooheads is creating interesting 3D printed shower heads for “the wild at heart”. Choose from a lion, dragon, dinosaur, shark, crocodile, or many more.

Jazz up your bathroom with the Zooheads shower heads. The Brooklyn-based company is selling quirky 3D printed heads in a range of colors and animals.

The heads are available in 20 different colors and there are 11 animals to choose, from so you can truly personalize your shower. After purchasing your neon pink lion, simply attach the head, climb into the shower, and enjoy how the friendly plastic animal livens up your morning routine.

Zooheads is a spinoff from the 3D printing company, Voodoo Manufacturing. Consequently, they don’t have an inventory of stock in a warehouse. Instead, they fabricate product on an on-demand basis, meaning your yellow dinosaur is only printed when you order it.

“The idea originated when I created a now-famous T-rex skull shower head, ” says Jonathan Schwartz, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Voodoo Manufacturing.

“In 2014, I designed this shower head and posted it to the Thingiverse, the popular 3D printing file sharing site. Quickly after posting the design, it went viral, so we thought, why not make this a business? We’re super stoked to make cool shower heads and look forward to creating new lines around pop-culture!”


Personalize Your Bathroom with Zooheads

A shower head costs $30 and shipping is free. After visiting the website and selecting your preferred animal and color, it takes around eight hours to print a shower head. Then your new bathroom accessory will be shipped within two days.

Right now, your animal choices are; elephant, dolphin, T-rex skull, alligator, dragon, dragon skull, lion, gorilla, eagle, and shark. Choose from any of these animals in one of the 20 colors including everything from neon orange to glow in the dark.

Zooheads adds that the designs are made with eco-friendly 3D printing materials. They’re made to last and printed high quality, durable, non-toxic PLA.

Tempted to buy a glow in the dark alligator? Take advantage of the launch sale before March 29th and you’ll receive $5 off all shower heads.

And if none of these options take your fancy, the company plans to add new themed lines in the future. You can also design your own custom shower head by contacting the company direct. What would you like to attach to your shower head?

Source: Digital Trends


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