Boy Genius

14 Year Old Seth Folsom Building 3D Printers in Class

Seth Folsom

Only 14 years old, Seth Folsom is designing and building his own 3D printers, and inspiring his fellow students to follow in his footsteps.

Seth Folsom was aged 12 when he first set out to make his own 3D printer. Now aged 14 and a pupil at Thompson High School in Alabaster, he continues to create printers and upgrade his models.

Seth was inspired by a video. He told WBRC News: “I was watching YouTube one day and I used to play with a Rubik’s Cube and one day, a man made a Rubik’s cube printed on a 3D printer.”

Seth Folsom

When beginning his new hobby, he found that 3D printers took a “while to build”, but now nothing is holding him back.

“I began to research 3D printers and found the RepRap project. A few weeks after discovering this video, I ordered a 3D printer kit. It had all printed plastic parts. I attempted to assemble this kit, but became stumped with the electronics. I took a break from 3D printing and later sold my unfinished printer to a friend of mine.”

Then, Seth began to create even more. He is currently a freshman at his school and making his teacher proud. He also looks for support on Giveforward fundraising platform for his S-Bot3D.

Seth Folsom Also Teaches Classes in 3D Printing

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Once he finishes high school, Seth intends to join the engineering program at Auburn University, where his brother currently studies.

Seth’s information technology teacher LanJulian Pendleton said:

“Seth is just an extraordinary student. He keeps to himself, but he is a thinker. He is one of those students who is a thinker, looking for answers.”

This boy genius is now teaching his own classes to inspire other children in the school to create their own printers.

Brian Copes, Seth’s engineering teacher, said:

“In fact, I have asked him to come in and teach these students how to build these 3D printers and he has accepted that challenge. He is actually printing out parts on his 3D printer for a new 3D printer. He’s going to be teaching our class.“

Seth’s future looks set on 3D printing. He intends to sell 3D printers once he finishes college, but not those you can buy from big companies — the kind you can make yourself.