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Sculpteo: Company Profile in 11 Facts


Looking for information on 3D printing company Sculpteo? We‘ve accumulated the most important facts in this company profile.

11 Facts on Sculpteo

1. Full Name


2. Company Information

As a long-standing member of the contemporary 3D printing community, Sculpteo is one of the world’s leading online service options for additive manufacturing. The company offers a fully comprehensive 3D printing process: from the upload of a 3D model to production and delivery of a final object.

Sculpteo’s key objective is to make the technology’s use easy and accessible to everyone.

3. History

Sculpteo was established in 2009 as an accessible and easy way for consumers and industry users to produce 3D printed objects.

The company operates in two key areas to provide a complete service offering – both online and in print. The Web Portal team designs and operates the web-based platform and interface for Sculpteo: an essential aspect of the company’s user-friendly appeal. Meanwhile, the Workshop team performs the actual 3D printing of user designs and orders through some different manufacturing options. Both quality of print and logistical / shipping processes are maintained by Sculpteo to a very high industry standard. Since it was founded, the company continues to set the bar high across the worldwide 3D printing community.

From one-off consumer prints to major brand collaborations, Sculpteo’s wealth of experience lends itself to a great deal of projects and business – particularly since its European reputation has been extended to reach the American audience.  Through constant development along with award-winning recognition, it’s clear that the company still has much to achieve in terms of progressing the 3D printing community’s creative ambition.

4. Most Important Products

The user offerings from Sculpteo are extensive as a result of its fully comprehensive service choices. From online educational content – covering beginner basics, materials and even design guidelines – right through to its community aspects, news and blog, the platform’s key products definitely maintain its user-friendly accessibility within three key categories:


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-28 um 12.41.07An impressive selection of web-based tools for 3D printing make Sculpteo’s site an important part of any maker’s workflow. From upload through to analyse and repair, these offerings even support with design optimisation along with batch control, making for an informed and efficient print job at any level.


ranger_from_sketch_to_reality_HDProviding logged in users with a space to both showcase and draw inspiration from recent designs, the gallery aspect of the service supports its online community feel.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-28 um 12.42.20The actual 3D printing services and standards at play within the company are essentially what makes Sculpteo such a reliable system. Actual rapid prototype production is one thing, but the Cloud Engine delievered by the company is quite another.

5. Founder

Eric Carreel, 2009

6. CEO

Clément Moreau

7. Employees

11 – 50

8. Headquarters & Address

Sculpteo France

10 Rue Auguste Perret

94800 Villejuif


Sculpteo US

169, 11th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


9. Contact

Email: http://www.sculpteo.com/en/contact/

Telephone (NL): +33 1 83 64 11 22

Telephone (US): 1-800-814-1270 (US toll-free)

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