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3D Printed Scooter Snow Shoes

3D Printed Scooter Snow Shoes

I’m sure maker Gyrobot (alias Steve Wood of Swindon, UK) sat down one day and asked himself, “How can I combine my love for snow and my penchant for two-wheeled scooters?”  In all likelihood, it didn’t take long for the 3D printed Scooter Snow Shoes to pop into his crafty little head.

Looks like a lot of fun: a 3d printed snow scooter.
Looks like a lot of fun: a 3d printed snow scooter. (Image: Thingiverse)

The concept for the Scooter Snow Shoe is really quite simple:  remove the wheels of your favorite scooter and replace them with plastic “skis” (or snow shoes) to provide the perfect platform for a bit of winter fun.  Sure skis on a scooter has been done before but Gyrobot has given us all a chance to 3D print our own version.

The shoes you see in the picture are black but could be printed in almost any color you desire.  Gyrobot has even provided an open SCAD file with which you can customize the bush (the piece used to attach the shoe to the scooter) to fit your favorite ride.

A scooter is, by nature (and design, I suppose), a two-wheeled fun platform but who says you have to restrict yourself to such a low number?  Why not try three (a tricycle) or even four?  And why does it have to be a scooter?  What about a bicycle?  With a little creativity (and a big enough printer), these shoes could be retrofitted to fit larger vehicles and toys.

So don’t let the snow stop your summer fun.  Point your browser to and download plans for this fresh take on a classic design. You can also print it out at any 3D printing service (like Sculpteo)

Snow Scooter Shoe (Image: Thingiverse)
A printed Snow Scooter Shoe (Image: Thingiverse)