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Robo 3D Helps Keep Young Cyclists Safe With SureStop Braking Technology

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by Tyler Koslow
Nov 3, 2017

GuardianBikes is using 3D printers from Robo 3D to conceptualize its SureStop technology, a unique one-lever component braking system. 

In order to improve safety for young cyclists, GuardianBikes has been developing SureStop braking technology. This braking system uses a tiered, one-lever component. It works when the rider squeezes the lever for the rear brake, moving force over from the rear wheel actuating the front one.

The co-founder of GuardianBikes, Brian Riley, was inspired to develop the braking technology after his grandfather was involved in a cycling accident, resulting in several broken vertebrae. The SureStop team soon recognized a glaring industry oversight regarding the safety of young bikers.

So, to conceptualize this safety system, GuardianBikes is using 3D printing technology from Robo 3D. Originally, in 2009, the bicycle company was using traditional machining methods to prototype the SureStop.

However, as consumer 3D printing has become more affordable, GuardianBikes has integrated a number of machines from the California 3D printer manufacturer. These printers include Robo 3D’s R1+, as well as the newer C2 and R2.

By integrating additive manufacturing into its workflow, GuardianBikes hopes to reduce production time and costs.

The Robo R2 and C2 3D printers

SureStop Technology: Robo 3D Printers Help Keep Young Cyclists Safe

Before adopting 3D printing technology, the team had to account for the cost of materials, custom fixtures, and CNC milling.

According to Riley, they underwent around 50 different product iterations. The prototyping phase took several years, which would have went much faster with Robo 3D’s printers in tow. Ultimately, they decided on 3D printing because it allowed them to speed up their workflow and develop solutions for a wider range of bicycles.

“Robo printers really helped us take the concept of our technology off the design software platform we use and begin working it as a physical object within one day. We could make our print and immediately throw it on the bike to actually see how it worked and fit,” said Riley.

While traditional prototyping techniques would take GuardianBikes around two weeks to complete, 3D printing could do the same in one working day. Additionally, instead of spending $800 per part, Robo 3D’s printers cut the cost to just $20 per part.

Now, thanks to this emerging technology, GuardianBikes has a much more efficient workflow. The improved prototyping capabilities is helping the SureStop braking technology reach bicycles across the world, and in turn is improving safety measures for a countless number of children.

Source: Robo 3D 

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