Park’s Predictions: 3D printing in 2015

3D printing in 2015
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Rachel Park
Rachel Park – “La Grande Dame” of the 3D printing scene

What will 3d printing hold for the future? We asked Rachel Park, an accomplished freelance writer and editor focusing on 3D printing and associated technologies. With more than 16 years’ experience working in this emerging and dynamic market, Rachel (Twitter @RPES12) has gained exceptional insight into the latest technologies, their applications and adoption.

Here are her predictions for 2015:

“2014 went by in a flash and here we are guessing at what 2015 will bring in 3D printing land. I’m not a huge fan of the guessing because life and the universe is renown for throwing curve balls. My personal prediction for big growth in 3D printing next year is around licensing. 2014 has seen a number of big names dipping their toes in the water with licensing their brands for 3D printed products on demand. I think the toe-dipping will snowball throughout 2015 and more and more big brands will identify the immediate marketing potential and future revenue streams. Likely supplied via 3rd party services with IP protection software in the short and medium term, there will be much scaling up by many 3D printing ecosystem companies required.”

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