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Quark Pendant Inspired by Subatomic Particles

Quark Pendant

The Quark Pendant in black (source: Shapeways)
The Quark Pendant in black (source: Shapeways)

Adorn yourself with 3D printed jewellery inspired by pure mathematics. The Quark Pendant is based on the structure of subatomic particles.

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but the jewellery you wear is a reflection of your personality. Diamond and gold jewellery are typically associated with status and wealth, for example. Skulls and crosses are your typical fare at a heavy metal concert, for another. But if you fancy something altogether more unique, take a gander at this Quark Pendant designed by Virtox.

The Quark Pendant in red (source: Shapeways)
The Quark Pendant in red (source: Shapeways)

The full name is Quark Pendant – Eternal (1SyhNA). Virtox’s stated aim on his Shapeways profile is to create thought-provoking 3d printing designs, inspired by technology, biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

This particular piece is patterned after subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields, and has successfully captured their beauty in jewellery form. The various charges, masses and speeds determine the trajectories that result in these outstanding images in bubble chambers.

The 3D printed Quark Pendant – Eternal (1SyhNA) is unlike any jewellery out there. Its delicately crafted design movement reflects of the building blocks of the universe. Try dropping that into your next dinner party conversation and see the eye-popping reaction of your fellow guests.

Quark Pendant – Eternal (1SyhNA) is made from nylon plastic with a smooth matte finish. It’s also available in various colors to suit each individual’s preference. One Quark Pendant – Eternal (1SyhNA) costs €15.91.

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