3D Printing for Playstation 4

PS4 Game Dreams Lets You 3D Print Your Creations


If you’ve ever spent hours on the internet searching for what that strange dream about that weird monster meant, then you might be interested in the new Media Molecule project.

At Paris Games Week, Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Planet series and the lovely new Tearaway Unfolded, revealed more of their latest project. They want to make it possible to craft your dreams into 3D, and take you on a journey into those worlds.

This project for PS4, known as Dreams, works as a tool to allow a player’s subconscious to guide the rest of the world which they, and other players, can then explore.


Even more interestingly, the developers have made sure that players will be able to export their creations outside of the shared space of the PlayStation Network. This means everything you create could be exported to a 3D printer. Or to the gaming engine Unity, so you can bring your creations into the real world too.


Media Molecule’s Alex Evans told Wired: “Dreams is very hard to describe, because it is evolving, a mashup of personalities. The levels we’re showing are an expression of what we were thinking about in our studio of 30 or 40 people. But once it’s a beta trial of millions, hopefully, we will be able to have a massive variety.”

How Does Dreams Work?


So far, the majority of the game takes place inside worlds which MediaMolecule and its players have created. However, the aim is to create a sculpting system in which you can project your own imaginings and dreams onto – you would be using gamepad tools to create almost anything from templates to 3D shapes.

Currently, the player will travel with an ‘imp’, able to possess any number of AI characters or puppets, and use those abilities to play many types of games and solve different puzzles.


This technology gives you the ability to work on anything you like, leading it to be compared to AutoCAD, but less fiddly and perhaps more fun! This means your design options are endless, but if you’re not feeling up to the task, you can always use thousands of pre-made objects to add directly into the scene, at any scale.

The team have made sure that animating your world is straightforward. Players will be able to create logical rules and boundaries so that when uploaded, their dreams will form self-contained, shareable game worlds.

MediaMolecile hope that with this game they will be able to help unlock creativity in players. “It’s just a sandbox you can have a really good time in,” Evans said. “The openness of it is what makes it unique.”

Would you upload your dreams or nightmares? Do you think this will work or is it simply too far-fetched to allow for a worthwhile gaming experience?