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Project Seafood: Turn Plastic Trash into Treasure

Project Seafood

Rather than travelling to find yourself, you could take a leaf out of this couple’s book and travel while saving the planet at the same time.

Fabian Wyss and Jennifer Gadient, from Switzerland, have come up with an interesting way to recycle plastic waste that ends up on our beaches.

They started Project Seafood, “an adventurous design label” to explore the possibilities of mobile digital plastics recycling.


To do this, they traveled along the Mediterranean coastline of Spain all the way down to Morocco while collecting household plastic waste from the beaches.

With this waste, they used a shredder, Noztek extruder and an Ultimaker Original to transform the abandoned plastic into interesting objects.

The couple packed essentials for months of travelling and drove their Citroen Jumper from one beach to another while racking up hundreds of miles to put their vision – to play a part in the circular economy of plastic and create a sustainable solution – into practice.

To clean the beaches and create useful objects, the couple chose an Ultimaker. Fabian found a variety of valuable modifications on YouMagine and added a customized heated chamber, a dust filter and installed a bigger nozzle too.


The 3D printer fared well considering it was subjected to sea winds, sandy home-made filament and rocky rocks as it never stopped running.

Some of the prints which they produced included wax combs for their surfboard and even a unique pair of sunglasses. Each print even has a unique stamp to identify exactly where the plastic waste had been picked up.

Currently, the couple is back in Switzerland to evaluate future activities, so it is unlikely to be the last we will hear of their visions!

As for Ultimaker, Siert Wijnia, CTO and founder, said: ““We are honored that our 3D printers are being used for sustainability. As the 3D printing industry grows, so does creativity, generosity and efficiency. It is exciting for Ultimaker to be able to help move towards a stronger, more sustainable community.”

If you are interested in helping your environment, you can contact them through their website.