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Print A Drink Puts Patterns in Your Cocktails

Print A Drink

Print A Drink is a brand new Austrian startup. They are using KUKA robots to inject edible liquid into your cocktail creating artwork in your glass.

The days of shaken-not-stirred could be a thing of the past if Benjamin Greimel, founder of Print A Drink, has his way.

On his company website, Greimel claims: “Print A Drink combines methods from robotics, life sciences, and design to explore a completely new field of 3D printing.”

The 3D printed element involves using high-end KUKA Robots to accurately “inject” microliter drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Instead of building up objects layer by layer, as with a normal 3D printer.

Before your very eyes, a complex 3D structure is built up in your favorite drink. Greimel even promises the artistic cocktails include “high-quality ingredients.”

Print A Drink

Print A Drink and the Pretty Cocktail

Greimel developed the process at the new laboratory for creative robotics of the University of Arts and Design Linz.

With a man-machine collaboration, Greimel works with a KUKA based robotic arm. The robot works in a controlled manner to print different geometric figures in a range of drinks.

Colorful liquid drops create a decoration which can’t be replicated easily without a robot. However, with the cost of KUKA robots being very pricey — usually in the thousands — it may be a while before you can sip on your own 3D printed cocktail.


Whether the robot can improve the taste of your cocktail is also yet to be seen. The “high-quality ingredients” mentioned by Greimel remain a mystery.

It could be that the idea takes off in upscale cocktail lounges and restaurants around the world. For now, with high precision and speed required to print the drops, it seems a maker version is unlikely. We can live in hope, but if that doesn’t work, for now, regular cocktails will have to drown our sorrows.

Print A Drink