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New Marijuana Filament Will Let You 3D Print Medicinal Edibles

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by Hanna Watkin
Jul 13, 2017

US-based Cannabis experts have created Potent Rope, an edible cannabis filament that lets users fabricate fun shapes containing their required medicinal doses.

Turbulent times for the medicinal cannabis biz, in Colorado that is. With shortages of the potent plant potentially affecting the funding of education in the state, is there any glimmer of hope for this budding new industry?

While cannabis remains illegal in the US on a federal level, many states have decriminalized it for medical consumption. As a result, proponents of the medicinal marijuana industry are finding creative new ways to administer the pain management aid.

Sisters Ashley Herr and Paige Colen are one such example, with their just-unveiled Potent Rope. Ten-year veterans of the legal cannabis market, the sisters’ marijuana-based filament could allow users to print their own medicine.

When it goes to market, Potent Rope will be available in 3mm and 1.75mm sizes, meaning full compatibility with all FDM 3D printers. In addition to drugs, it consists of a water-soluble thermoplastic — a surprisingly common addition to many of our foodstuffs.

One big benefit that Potent Rope claims to offer is the ability to customize the filament, allowing for personal cannaboid and terpene blends. Conventionally, the alternative for such a blend would be waiting for a tailored hybrid strain to grow after a lengthy period of selective plant breeding.

The Potent Rope website explains:

“Over the last three years, we researched and developed our product, we received our publication notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and now we are on to exploring our production!”

How Safe is 3D Printing Cannabis Edibles?

Depending on how you use your 3D printer, a concern should be whether your edibles are truly safe to eat. Contamination with inedible filaments, including PLA or ABS, is a health concern.

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However, the company expects that in the not-too-distant future, this may not be an issue. They forsee printers with the sole purpose for printing such edibles, with no cross contamination with the inedible plastics.

By the end of the year, Colen and Herr are hoping to launch their own dosage specific CAD designs. Although we see part of the charm in being able to design your own printable edibles.

So far, Herr and Colen are working with cannabis companies in Nevada, Maryland, California, and Colorado. They plan to bring Potent Rope to production in select states (not necessarily those just listed) this year.

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