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Plastic Surgeon Uses 3D Scanning and Printing to Show Clients’ their Future Face

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by Hanna Watkin
Oct 11, 2017

A plastic surgeon in Turkey is using 3D scanning and printing to create a color mask to show patients how they’ll look after surgery. 

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? One of the worries facing patients is that they can’t be sure how they’ll look after the procedure is complete. However, Dr. Yakup Avşar, a plastic surgeon in Turkey, is using an interesting method to overcome this fear.

Patients of Dr. Avşar are 3D scanned and printed. However, the print shows the patient an estimate of what their face will look like after surgery. To do this, Dr. Avşar uses Artec3D scanners and then uses software to create a 3D model which the patient can inspect.

Interestingly, before 3D printing technology was available Dr. Avşar was creating the models himself, by hand. Of course, the technology is now saving him a lot of time and enables patients to receive masks with both color and texture, offering a better overview. Dr. Avşar told Digital Engineering:

“It is what the patients want. Before this, it wasn’t possible for us to show patients exactly what their face would look like following surgery. Enabling them to see and feel the realistic three-dimensional mask of their face gives patients a far greater understanding of the surgical results they can expect. This technology is powerful for patients in everyday practice.”

Your Preferred Face Reflected Back in a 3D Printed Mask

After seeing a demonstration of what 3D scanning and printing can do, it wasn’t long before Dr. Avşar was purchasing and experimenting with the technology on his own. He now uses the 3D Object Scanner, Artec Eva.

He began by 3D printing the masks using powder-based techniques. However, due to the demand for color, Dr. Avşar now uses a Mcor paper 3D printer to create the final colored and textured prints. The Mcor uses paper and inkjet cartridges to create professionally colored 3D printable objects.

Dr. Avşar chose 3D printing due to its relatively low cost, quick turnarounds, and a (quasi-neutral impact on the planet. He explains: “We always prefer to use eco-friendly, stable, and economic 3D printers.”

In fact, the plastic surgeon is now creating around 20 masks per month for interested patients. Without having to craft the masks by hand, that’s a lot of time available for preparing for surgery instead.

Who knows, maybe one day the 3D printed masks will be so convincing, it won’t be necessary for patients to undergo painful surgery.

Source: Artec3D

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