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Pixsweet Offers Unique 3D Printed Popsicles in Any Shape

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by Hanna Watkin
Jun 9, 2017

Food tech start-up Pixsweet is using 3D printing to develop super cool popsicles in a multitude of shapes, perfect for the long hot summer.

With long summer months ahead, what’s better than stocking your freezer with popsicles to help you cool down? Pixsweet is a start-up company which has developed a 3D food design platform allowing users to create unique popsicles.

Whether you want a strawberry unicorn or an image of your significant other, Pixsweet offers never-ending design options.

Considering popsicles were first thought up in 1905, they have barely changed since. But in just the short time Pixsweet has been running, customers are now redesigning the popsicle to make it personal and fun.

The company has a growing community which is expanding online. And a new platform, the “3D Munchifier”, could help them branch out further; it uses object recognition, edge detection, and displacement mapping to turn any image into 3D food.

Enjoy Your Own Pixsweet Popsicles

Launching in October 2017, the 3D Munchifier works like a custom image search engine. This technology connects all hashtags and images through open APIs. Customers can also upload their own images.

Next, object recognition algorithms use edge-detection technology to turn an image into a 3D printed mold. This mold is then filled with your chosen flavor and shipped.

After shipping, simply pop the treats into your freezer. Once frozen, you can sit back and enjoy oddly shaped popsicle.

Although the technology doesn’t yet offer instant 3D printed popsicles at home, it does offer an interesting alternative to the same-old same-old food companies.

And as the video above points out, creating a global food brand used to be expensive. Pixsweet is proving that through modern technologies like social media and 3D printing, it’s possible to develop unique food ideas without spending a fortune.



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