Your Kids Will Love This One

PancakeBot Makes your Imagination Edible


Have you ever fancied making a pancake in the shape of your face? The PancakeBot can do just that and it’s now available to purchase.

The PancakeBot was actually announced last year, but at this year’s 2016 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, the shipping version was on display to wow the crowds.

The show, which took place from March 5th t0 8th 2015, impressed guests for many reasons, but making pancakes with a 3D printer was definitely a favorite thanks to its ability to print anything from selfies to the Eiffel Tower.

This awesome invention is the brainchild of Miguel Valenzuela, whose prototype was created to make fun pancakes with his young daughters.

PancakeBot: From LEGO to Production


The original PancakeBot was made out of LEGO but, once he realized the potential for his invention, Valenzuela brought the pancake 3D printer to the World Maker Faire in New York.

Rather than building each buyer a printer from LEGO, Valenzuela partnered up with StoreBound to bring his product to the market. It’s now been just over one year since this announcement, and the PancakeBot is ready for consumers to purchase.

How Does the PancakeBot Work?


Essentially, the machine works by replacing plastic filament with pancake batter. It is held in a reservoir above a griddle. This batter is fed into the extruder and begins to draw onto the hot griddle which cooks as it hits the surface.

All you need to do to print a pancake of your face is to upload a selfie (or any other photo you fancy printing) to the software – PancakePainter – and trace over details to make a simple drawing the PancakeBot can create.

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This file is then put on an SD card and uploaded to the PancakeBot, which begins printing anything you’ve created and within moments, your drawing is ready to eat.

The finished products are almost too good too eat. If you’re interested in buying your own, then head over to the PancakeBot website and choose between either black or red.

If you can’t afford the $299, then you may find building your own LEGO version may be a lot cheaper.