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Orlas Creator 3D Metal Printer Launched at Formnext

Orlas Creator

OR Laser unveil the Orlas Creator, a new metal 3D printing system, at the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

This week in Frankfurt, Germany, innovative 3D printing companies from around the world will come together at the Formnext trade show.

While a majority of them will be showcasing next generation concepts and 3D printer prototypes, German company O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH plans to unveil their new Orlas Creator 3D metal printer right on the exhibition floor.

Founded in 1997 by Yhushua Resnik and Uri Resnik, OR Laser has spent the past three years researching direct metal 3D printing. The company’s primary focus was to make this advanced technology more accessible for small and medium sized enterprises, such as the jewelry, dentistry, and medical sectors.

The Orlas Creator was developed to serve these smaller sized organizations, many of which are looking for an affordable entrance into the metal additive manufacturing market.

According to the company, the build platform is original in both design and functionality, while the innovative blade design promotes smoother operation and the ability produce parts up to 30% faster when compared to traditional systems.

orlas creator

Orlas Creator Offers Safer Metal 3D Printing

OR Laser promises that their metal 3D printer produces parts in the same resolution found with the more expensive and higher spec machines on the market.

To ensure safe use, the Orlas Creator utilizes a cartridge materials handling system. Though OR Laser supplies these filled cartridges, the company also engineered the printer to accommodate the demand for an open material system.

The Orlas Creator is also part of an ecosystem that includes a sophisticated software interface, so that no third party software is needed to run the machine — and should eliminate additional costs.

According to OR Laser, third party dependence was intentionally minimized due to the fact that the company is a proud machine producer with over 80% of the hardware produced in-house.

The German 3D printing company definitely believes that there’s a sweet spot in the market for their newly developed 3D printing system. OR Laser plans to showcase the power of their new metal 3D printer this week at Formnext.

Throughout the exhibition, which takes place from 15 – 18 November, the Orlas Creator will demonstrate its metal 3D printing capabilities at Messe Frankfurt, Hall 3.1, Booth E70.

Source: Press Release

orlas creator