Sushi with style... and 3D printing.

Soy Shape Containers create Optical Illusions for Sushi Lovers

Soy Shape

This Kickstarter campaign hopes to bring containers that create optical illusions when soy sauce is poured into them to the masses.

Soy Shape is the company behind the specially designed containers, created by Duncan Shotton, a British designer who lives in Tokyo.

The 3D printed containers work by producing an optical illusion in either a triangular or cube shape. All you need to do is add soy sauce to create a fun eating experience.


The saucers play on the natural color gradation that occurs in soy sauce at shallow depths. The illusion produces what appears to be a 3D shape.

Shotton is using Kickstarter to bring his idea to the public. So far 357 backers have pledged a total of £15.080 with seven days left in the campaign. The goal was to raise £5.000.

You may remember Shotton from previous successful campaigns including the Rainbow Pencil and Sticky Page Markers. Check out his most recent campaign video below.

How are the Soy Shape Dishes Made?

To create the three-dimensional dishes, Shotton and his team developed a prototype by hand-cutting and stacking different layers of plastic sheets.

During refinement, the hand-cutting process was replaced by laser-cutting. Once the shapes were developed in 3D software, they began some iterations using 3D printing, vacuum casting, and hand model-making.

Shotton explains on his campaign page: “After the production molds were made, we were able to produce samples in ceramic, and refine the design a little further (by tweaking the mold directly) to suit the material. So right now, we’ve finished all the development, refinement, and the production tools and suppliers are ready. Help us kick this project off with a bang!”

To buy your dish, you can purchase one for £15 which will be posted in October 2016 to anywhere in the world. If you enjoy the design of the Soy Shape dishes, then you may be interested in having your own t-shirt with the shape printed on it too. If you are interested in these soy shape dishes, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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