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OhmniLabs Robot Made in PrintrBot 3D Printer Farm

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Ohmni is a robot developed using Printrbot 3D printers which will make speaking to family easier, no matter where in the world you are. 

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Would you welcome a human-height robot into your home? As children grow up and move further from home, having an easy way to communicate — and still feel close — would be ideal.

Although we’re not yet able to teleport, OhmniLabs offers the next best thing — telepresence. The Silicon Valley-based robotics startup currently has an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for their robot, Ohmni.

The robot is built with 3D printed components and works as a frame on wheels. It’s designed to be extremely easy to use too. For example, you can operate it remotely and a docking station is used for charging.

For a stylish, simple to use model, the team found that injection molding was too expensive and restricts the design process. Instead, the company is using 3D printing to keep costs down. They’ve already seen many benefits in low-medium production parts.

In order to develop the Ohmni robots, OhmniLabs uses Printrbot 3D printers which come together to form a large print farm. By having 3D printers onsite, they’re able to quickly work on developing prototypes and production parts.

OhmniLabs Pioneers Printrbot 3D Printer Farm

The way Ohmni works is that you’re simply able to join your family, by moving the robot from your own device. It removes the need for someone in your home having to pick up Skype or Google Hangouts.

Thuc Vu, co-founder and CEO of OhmniLabs, adds:

“Families today are often spread out across countries and continents, making it a challenge to stay in touch. We created a robot that people can use everyday to not only communicate but experience life together. The possibilities are endless. I use Ohmni with my grandma in Vietnam and it’s amazing how natural our interaction is.”

Every day, a Printrbot Plus 3D printer produces around ten production parts. A Printrbot Big-E 3D printer is also used to develop the robot’s base sidewall, which is 18 inches long.

OhmniLabs has their own management software which they developed themselves to keep track of data, including quality stats, and to schedule prints.

If you’re tempted to invest, the super earlybird price is $1399. At this price, you’ll be saving $500. You can also choose from Polar White or Midnight Black. Visit the IndieGoGo campaign to pledge.

Source: Printrbot

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