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New Matter launches MOD-t (2nd Gen) 3D Printer Kickstarter Campaign

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by Hanna Watkin
Oct 19, 2017

3D printer manufacturer New Matter launched a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the MOD-t (2nd Gen), already raising $50,778 of the $100,000 goal.

New Matter just launched the MOD-t (2nd Gen) in a new Kickstarter campaign. The upgrade of the second generation promises more power, wireless control, and an improved type of filament control. It follows in the footsteps of the successful MOD-t printer, launched on IndieGoGo last year. The printer was 182% funded.

The pitch for the MOD-t (2nd Gen) is “the world’s most elegantly simple 3D printer delivers HQ prints up to 30% faster than in the first generation” which isn’t necessarily saying much but banks on previous pledgers coming back for more.

However, perhaps due to the company’s reputation of being the “first” to introduce an internet connected, cloud-controlled 3D printer in 2014, this strategy seems to work. So far, 239 backers pledged $50.778 of the $100,000 goal. There are still 29 days to go.

Pledging $199 will get you the early bird option of the 3D printer, regular backers will have to pay $249. New Matter wants to deliver the printer in April 2018 to the first backers.

What’s on Offer This Time Around?

Since the launch of the original Mod-t, the market of budget 3D printers has become crowded. The Mod-t (2nd Gen) now competes with the likes of Monoprice Select Mini ($199, review here), XYZ DaVinci Mini ($289, review here), the Anet A8 ($209, review here), and a lot of Prusa i3 clones, some of which deliver better results than expected.

So, what does the MOD-t (2nd Gen) got to offer?

  • 30 percent faster printing speed. The second generation is also 50% quieter than the original model.
  • Layer resolution is now 50 to 400 microns.
  • Easy Setup in twenty minutes. You need a wireless connection and a web browser.
  • The MOD-t (2nd Gen) will offer a wireless 3D printing, compared to the previous USB connection and desktop app. However, the team states this feature could hold back the printer from its shipping date of Spring 2018 and lead to some delays.
  • Models are stored in the cloud, and as the library of available prints is growing, you can add your own. To reach the cloud service “My New Matter”, you can use smartphones, tablets, and even Chromebooks.
  • A filament detect switch that pauses the print job when the filament runs out. In the new MOD-t, a redesigned sensor integrated into the extruder head will detect the filament’s movement, not just its presence. In the event of a filament tangle or break, or if you simply run out, the printer will automatically pause the print. You then will be notified and can resume the print where it left off.
  • Improved design by Frog Design (yes, the guy who brought you the Apple II and early Macs).

If you’re interested in introducing the MOD-t (2nd Gen) to your home or school, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Source: New Matter Press Release

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