Thing of the Week

3D Printed Keybit Magsafe Adapter


And you thought losing your glasses was easy! Imagine trying to keep track of something the size of nickel that can mean the difference between a functioning laptop and a pretty paperweight. That’s the situation Apple users find themselves in when dealing with the Magsafe-to-Magsafe 2 converter/adapter. This tiny piece of tech – though elegant and shiny like most Apple products – is easily misplaced leaving Mac enthusiasts and their work in the metaphorical hands of a battery that can be drained of life in a matter of hours.

Keybit keybit_animation
Although a lot at Apple is “magic”, you still have to use your hand to attach the Magsafe Adapter to the Keybit (source: Keybit)

But never fear my fine friends, over at, BitWise Design (a.k.a. jbobrow, a.k.a. Jonathan Bobrow)  has harnessed the power of 3D printing to bring you the  KeyBit – a keychain holder for your Magsafe-to-Magsafe2 adapter. One end of the KeyBit is a nickel plated loop of solid steel that mounts easily on any key ring while the other end connects firmly to the adapter in question keeping it secure, easily accessible, and ready for use. As long as you’ve got your keys, you’ve got a way to power your laptop.

Back in 2013, Mr. Bobrow introduced his idea to the world over on KickStarter to great success and then moved to full production using Shapeways[/ his producer/distributor.  Two years later, BitWise Design is still working to ensure that the ever-evolving state of technology doesn’t leave you in the dark ages (now considered to be the 1990s by tech standards).