Getting Fit in 5 Months

Nesting Dolls Encourage Members with Fitness Plans

Nesting Dolls

If you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution of hitting the gym, then do not fear – BRICK fitness facilities have a 3D printed solution for you.

BRICK is a US-based fitness center which has several facilities across the country and has found an interesting way to help motivate their members to achieve their goals.

The company is offering their new members a unique 3D printed aid called “The Fit Nesting Doll”. The benefit of this doll is that it resembles a person’s own goals and contains a customized fitness program.

They said on their website: “We don’t do one size fits all fitness. Everyone comes to us with different needs and objectives, and we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want. That’s why we created the Fit Nesting Doll program – a five-month fitness plan where each stage is represented by a layer of a nesting doll.”

Nesting Dolls
Luke wants to be really fit. He’s competitive and wants to be strong. He has his sights set on mastering Handstand Push-Ups, kipping pull-ups, and everything else CrossFit throws his way.

Why Did BRICK Create the Nesting Dolls?

BBCDO New York, a top-level creativity agency, was brought in to help BRICK find an innovative new way to engage with their members.

So, the Fit Nesting Doll was created to help keep members motivated and in the gym throughout the first five months of their membership – the time when most people give up.

The 3D printed nesting dolls feature some interesting paint work and have been custom made by artists from across the globe.

The most important part of the series is the final nesting doll which contains a flash drive with a customized plan designed especially for each individual member. fitnessdoll

As well as this 3D printed motivation, the company offers a huge range of programs including modern fitness methods.

They said on their website: “BRICK’s skilled coaches have developed a new approach to fitness, building an athletic program that’s comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging. Inside these walls, your safety is always our foremost priority.”

If you want to find out how you can get your hands on a Fit Nesting Doll, then make sure to check out the website here.