Mustache Meister

Mustache Monument to Men’s Health

Mustache Monument

3D printing has helped to create a huge timeless and playful piece with an even bigger message!

The World’s Largest Mustache (WLM) is 11.5 feet wide, 3 feet tall, and 22 inches deep. It was designed by Minnesotan Matthew Udermann and 3D printed in six pieces!

The mustache has been designed to help raise awareness of prostate cancer. This serious health issue affects one in seven men in the US face each year. Udermann also created a list called “Five Reasons to Care” where he has explained the importance of the projecmustachet and how it can be used to create publicity to other causes as well as prostate cancer.

The mustache has been displayed in Udermann’s front yard, where it was installed on August 23, 2015 to coincide with the birth of his daughter, Brooklyn. Since November, the mustache is on a 45-days tour, which means you may now have a chance to see The World’s Largest Mustache yourself as it travels around the USA in order to raise awareness.

3D printing the mustache process took more than 300 hours to complete; the mustace had to be divided up into six pieces. However, the process was worth the trouble as it is expected to be seen by over one million people as it travels from the Mall of America for Movember’s Gala there. Several sponsors helped to make this impressive 3D design a reality. Eden Prairie, Minnesota based Stratasys printed the incredible sculpture and also gave assistance with engineering.

Other partners for this creation were also Minnesota-based, such as The Bernard Group and EmbroidMe, Cell Phone Repair, and several more Minnesota-based collaborators. The mustache is also periodically repainted in partnership with worthwhile fundraising efforts.

Udermann is looking for a permanent place to display the Mustache so that it will be visible to as many people and accessible to children. For more information on the 3D printed Mustache visit their website and the official Facebook page!