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3D Design Challenge

Music for Makers

Picture of Anatol Locker
by Anatol Locker
Nov 20, 2014

Willits & SakamotoMatthew DearLusine or Aeroc rings a bell. You’ll find free music on their Soundcloud page – from soothing ambient and fluffy house to fast techno beats.

Oh, and you should definitely try out their free Music for Makers-Compilation.

One of the first designs: A mixing-desk
One of the first 3Ddesigns ofthe “Ghostly-Vinyl-Challenge”: A mixing-desk

What’s in it for 3D printing enthusiasts? Ghostly International and Makerbot just announced a challenge for 3D-designers. If you are a designer of 3D printable objects, you can use your skills to create novel objects that will delight record collectors, music lovers, and audiophiles alike. “Specifically, we’re looking for things to decorate, augment, or personalize your records and stereo systems”, they say on the Thingiverse Website. Just upload your designs with the tag #GhostlyVinyl before November 30th at 11:59PM EST. Entries must be tagged #GhostlyVinyl to be considered. You can find all information on Makerbots Thingiverse site.

A panel of MakerBot and Ghostly employees will judge entries on creativity and printability. The winners will be announced on December 15th. The first-prize winner will receive Ghostly’s 2014 full length vinyl catalog and a MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer.

For the rest of us this challenge will present more than vinyl records and turntables – we will keep you posted on the best designs.

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