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20 Most Popular 3D Printing Models on MyMiniFactory in 2015

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by Hanna Watkin
Dec 31, 2015

Below are the most popular 3D printing models on MyMiniFactory in 2015, based on the views and the activity of their members. How many of them have you 3D printed?

MyMiniFactory is a 3D community where users can download 3D printable objects and models. The team at MyMiniFactory were so kind to share data with ALL3DP on their most popular models in 2015.

Here are the top 20 designs. There are many classic designs in this list… and some interesting surprises, too!

#1 on the MyMiniFactory popular model list:
Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon
MyMiniFactory popular models: Thorn

With 155,076 views and 402 likes, the Destiny Thorn Hand Cannon is the big winner of the MyMiniFactory popularity contest! Kirby Downey, the designer, explained: “It is said to be the hardest weapon to grind for in the game. I designed the gun in 10 hours using Solidworks. The printing took 24 hours and all the parts stick together with a glue free locking mechanism I designed. I also added a ‘shooting’ mechanism when you pull the trigger.”

#2: Frostmourne from Warcraft

MyMiniFactory popular models: frostmourne

With 47,436 views and 148 likes, this Frostmourne from Warcraft is an impressive design which would take you around 3,000 minutes to do! The joints are designed to slot in easily, holding the model together entirely glue-free but the complexity of this print is medium, so if you’re a complete beginner it may be something to aspire to!

#3: Gjallarhorn – Destiny Rocket Launcher

MyMiniFactory popular models: destiny

With 34,956 views and 97 likes, this Destiny Rocket Launcher is one which is classed as “very difficult” to create. If you think you’re not up for the task, then you’re able to purchase this major creation for $799!

#4: Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber – Star Wars

MyMiniFactory popular models: lightsaber

In fourth place is this Star Wars Lightsaber, with 18,232 views and 126 likes. The complexity of this piece is rated “easy”, so beginners take note. There is even a free download.

#5: Ant-Man Helmet Wearable

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos, the designer, said: “With the release of the new Marvel Ant Man trailer, I have decided to bring the helmet to life with the help of 3D printing. This model was created using Zbrush and 3D Studio max. Finally the model is wearable.” With 18,114 views and 139 likes, this awesome Ant-Man helmet comes in as number 5.

#6: Destiny Ghost

MyMiniFactory popular models: Destiny-Ghost

For all the Destiny fans out there, this Ghost is easy to print. But if you’re still worried about things going wrong: You can purchase this simple creation for $49. With 17,649 views and 112 likes, the Destiny Ghost is a solid sixth.

#7: SplashLIGHT

MyMiniFactory popular models: Splashlight

This fantastic idea is a way for you to up-cycle any of your favourite bottles. According to Avooq Creations, the designer: “Bottles are great when they are full, but the’re even better when they are empty with the SplashLIGHT. Display that expensive bottle of wine you never wanted to drink or a memorable night on the tequila.” With 14,578 views and 86 likes, the SplashLIGHT holds the seventh place.

#8: =JJ= Industries: Kylo Ren Helmet

MyMiniFactory popular models: kylo ren

With 14,184 views and 102 likes, this impressive Kylo Ren Helmet comes in at the eighth place. Luke Daley, the designer, said: “After I saw that first iconic trailer I knew I wanted to have a great involvement in this particular character, ever since I’ve been obsessed with all things Kylo, this mask believe it or not only represents a small fraction of the time I’ve put into researching all the elements of the character, down to having his outer robe fabric recreated at a Mill.”

#9: Fully Wearable Star Wars VII Storm Trooper Helmet

MyMiniFactory popular models: Star Wars stormtrooper

This piece is pretty impressive. Lloyd Roberts, the designer, said: “The helmet is part of a larger project to build an entire custom suit for U.S. based tech Youtuber Barnacules Nerdgasm. The aim was to design the first ever fully wearable 3D printed Storm trooper suit for the new upcoming Movie: The Force Awakens. The entire suite was modelled around a 3D scan of Barnacules’s body, tailored to fit him.” With 12,629 views and 106 likes, you can find this design here.

#10: Zelda Master Sword

MyMiniFactory popular models: sword

Lloyd Roberts is also the designer of this Zelda Master Sword. The complexity of this is rated as “easy”, and it can be printed without supports, too. With 9,767 views and 84 likes, it holds tenth place!

#11: Call of Duty Ray Gun

MyMiniFactory popular models: CTIcLoBUwAAPvNI

With 5,762 views and 41 likes. Although the complexity of creating this gun is classed as “very difficult”, we have to admit that it looks impressive. If you fancy showing off your own Call of Duty Ray Gun, then find the design here.

#12: Matrix Sentinel – Fully Articulated Model

MyMiniFactory popular models: matrix sentinel

Fans of the Matrix movie, will surely recognize this sentinel. Reg Taylor, the designer of this 3D model, said: “A sentinel, also referred to as a ‘squiddy’ by the Human Resistance, is an autonomous killing machine that patrols the ancient sewers and passageways of the dead human cities of old in search of Zion hovercraft or wandering, defenseless humans unlucky to be walking in the tunnels.” The complexity of this has been classed as “very difficult”, but with 5,631 and 54 likes, it seems people are still willing to accept the challenge. You can download the design here.

#13: Fallout 4 Style Pipboy Mk 3.5

MyMiniFactory popular models: fallout pip

Jim, the designer, said: “This is my rendition of the FO4 Pipboy 4000 or whatever the name will be. Its not screen accurate and was designed before any screenshots were released. I decided to release it free as there are more accurate designs out there now of the soon to be released version. I’ve added different versions that I designed so you can have a play around with them.” Here, you find this Pipboy Mk 3.5 model that received 3,658 views and 22 likes.

#14: Lovecraft Concept Guitar

MyMiniFactory popular models: lovecraft guitar

If you’re a guitar fan, then you may be interested in this beautiful design. It has 3,337 views and 35 likes, and has to be made from eight different parts: six for the body, one for the volume cover and one for the humbuckers area in the center of the instrument! You can find this fantastic design here, but of course the complexity is rated as “very difficult”.

#15: Surprised Buddha

MyMiniFactory popular models: patrick

If you’re as taken with this fantastic Buddha as we are, then you will be pleased to learn that the complexity is classed as “very easy”! With 3,243 and 36 likes, the surprised Buddha definitely deserves its place on this list!

#16: Arduino Light Saber

MyMiniFactory popular models: Arduino lightsaber

With 794 views and 5 likes, this lightsaber is a popular choice. You can find this awesome design, along with a tutorial, here!

#17: Skullston – The Skeleton

MyMiniFactory popular models: skeleton

With 690 views and 13 likes, this simple design is a great one to make for fun. You’ll need rubber bands! Skullston, the skeleton, is a cheeky choice.

#18: Drone Quadcopter FPV Indestructible

MyMiniFactory most popular models: drone

With 522 views and 6 likes, the Drone quadcopter FPV indestructible is an interesting one. If you fancy creating your own drone, then check out this design!

#19: Mammoth Pendant

MyMiniFactory popular models: mammoth

This interesting Mammoth Pendant has 467 views and 1 like on MyMiniFactory. Marcos Villanueva, the designer, said: “It is half living and half skeleton with a little heart inside his rib cage. It was a really fun project and I hope you enjoy it!”

#20: ProtoTank

MyMiniFactory popular models: tank

This little tank is a bolt-together modular robotics platform! Timi Clark, the designer, uses it with all his students. He said: “I have run these with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo, both in autonomous and controlled drone mode.” The design received 152 views and 3 likes; you can download it here.

And what is your most favorite model? Please, write a comment.

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