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Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept Car has 3D Printed Tires

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Okay, it’s pretty far out, but this shape-shifting graphene concept car with 3D printed tires could become a reality in 2030. 

It’s called the “Mercedes-Benz DTW”. And it’s an idea of Martin Chatelier, a design student from Sevres, France. But, as of yet, it’s not real.

With some interesting technologies involved in powering the car, we’re pretty intrigued by how Chatelier intends on creating the wheels.

His plan is 3D printed tires which would be created on the go and work by having small 3D printers behind each tire.

These printers would spray rubbery gum, stored in tanks at the side of the car, onto the tires to keep the everything fresh. The tanks could even have a few different compounds stored. So you can print tires as weather conditions change in the track. Intrigued? You’ve heard nothing yet…

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How Would the Mercedes-Benz DTW Work?

If doesn’t stop there. The concept includes not only as 3D printed wheels; the DTW also wouldn’t have a conventional engine. Instead, two electric motors, charged by a Tesla turbine (a bladeless centripetal flow turbine, not the Tesla car brand) would power the car. To do this, they would use compressed air stored in two high-capacity tanks hidden in the racer’s flanks.

Although Tesla turbines aren’t usually the first choice for powering racing cars, Chatelier is able to dream up whatever he feels like using Photoshop rendering.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-08 um 14.44.44Chatelier’s ideas even stretch to using active aerodynamics which could refill the air tanks, act as an airbrake and compact to improve VMAX on the Mulsanne straight.

When braking, four active panels open to create a huge land anchor that forces air into intakes while also acting as an air brake.

The entire design is also made from graphene, two hundred times stronger than steel and incredibly light. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this choice is the transparency of the material meaning the cockpit can be panoramic.

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(Source: Top Gear)