3D printing figurines

Men 3D-printing themselves to find love

Match.com, an online dating service active in 25 countries, printed life-size 3D replicas for two of his members, so that they could boost their chances to find the right date. The 3D printed figurines were then placed in the window of „Guy Candy“ in London’s Brick Lane.

Two persons and their doppelgangers in the "Guy Candy" store window
Take me to the candy shop

The british citizens Keron Knight, 26, and Michael Catuogno, 33, were the lucky guys to get this chance. “Seeing my doppelganger was bizarre, but brilliant. I feel extremely positive about this experience and hopefully the perfect date is just a few mouse clicks away,” Mr. Knight told the british Telegraph.

The two men were scanned in a booth with over 40 DSLR cameras. The data was then processed with iMakr Software – the company has i.e. realized Mini-Yous in full color sandstone at Selfridges or chocolate at Harvey Nichols.

The scanning data were sent to the iMakr Store in London, where a 3D printer printed the subject parts. Then a team of five assembled the bodies and painted them to match the men’s skin tones. Mr. Knight and Mr. Catuogno chose the clothing, which they felt represents them best. All in all it took them three weeks to complete the process.

What do you think: Would you go as far as these guys to get the chances for a date? And if you want yourself get printed, you should definitely check our list of 3D printing figurine services.