Canines and Cosplay

Meet Thorgi, the Corgi God of Thunder (and his Amazing Friends)

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There are dog lovers, and then there’s Eric Ho, founder of Raw Legend Collaborations. His Shapeways store features Corgi dogs in “Thorgi” costume, and more.

Thorgi the CorgiIn the weird and wonderful world of 3D printing, there’s certainly room for a mash-up between Marvel super-heroes, cosplay, and our canine companions. It’s practically obligatory.

So praise the Norse gods for the invention of Thorgi, an adorable little Corgi dressed as the God of Thunder.

But wait, he’s bought some friends with him. Striking a heroic pose in dramatic lighting are Iron Corgi, the Corgi Knight, Super Corgi… You get the idea.

These kooky creations are the work of Eric Ho, the founder of a “3D printing collaborative design shop” called Raw Legend Collaborations.

Besides corgis, they also make other figurines, elaborate bottle openers, and other cool statues (how about a Creepy Condescending Willy Wonka printed in 14K gold?).

But it’s the corgis that really capture the imagination, so here’s a selection of the most popular designs. If you can stand even more cuteness, find all the designs on his Shapeways store here, where prices start at $25.

1. Thorgi


Thorgi stands ready to despatch the enemies of Asgard to Valhalla (especially LoKitty). Look, he’s even got his dinky little hammer! Find him here.

2. Iron Corgi

iron corgi

Tony Bark is not just a billionaire industrialist, he’s also the armor-clad avenger, Iron Corgi! Just try to keep him out of the rain. Find him here.

3. The Corgi Knight

the corgi knight

Playdog by day, crime-fighter by night. The Corgi Knight, to be precise. Find him here.

4. Super Corgi

super corgi

Here he comes to… sniff your bum? That’s not very super-heroic! Anyway, it’s Super Corgi. Find him here.

5. Corgi Potter

corgi potter

Alright, time to shake things up a little. Time for some magic instead of might. How about Corgi Potter? Find him here.

6. Lobster Corgi?

lobster corgi

Wait, what? A corgi in a lobster costume? Okay… Find him here.

7. Corgi Hood

corgi hood

The Sherwoof of Nottingham better watch out, here comes Corgi Hood to steal bones from the rich and bury them in the forest. Find him here.

8. Link Corgi

link corgi

Legend of Zelda fan? Here’s a Link Corgi, complete with a shield of Hyrule on his back. Find him here.

9. Assassin’s Corgi

assassin's corgi

A game series of a more modern vintage is Assassin’s Creed. And hey, this Assassin’s Corgi has a bite that’s worse than his bark. Find him here.

10. Corgi of the Opera

corgi of the opera

Any fans of musical theatre in the house? Then this Corgi of the Opera will send a shiver down your spine. Find him here.

11. Karate Corgi

karate corgi

Wax on, wax off. His limbs may be short, but this Karate Corgi can cut through a box of dog biscuits like a knife through hot butter. Find him here.

12. Waldo Corgi

Waldo Corgi

Where’s Waldo? It has to be said, a corgi in a Waldo costume is pretty hard to miss in a crowded room. Find him here.