3D Printed Stop-Motion

McDonald’s Always Working Advert uses 3D Printing


McDonald’s UK have created a series of “Always Working” adverts using 3D printing. Filmed in stop-motion, they aim at children and parents.

The adverts have been created to inform people that McDonald’s are steadily working on improving their Happy Meals.

The director of the adverts, Yves Geleyn, said: “It’s about making something better. McDonald’s wanted to communicate how they’re always working to make a Happy Meal better, which can be told quite functionally, but we wanted to tell the story with some charm.”

It took Yves and his team of fifty people 12 weeks to bring the 60-second spot to life which involved building six sets, as well as 3D printing hundreds of characters.

Leo Burnett London were the agency also behind the work and have previously worked on many different adverts in the UK including those for Amnesty International and Kellogg’s.

How were the McDonald’s Adverts Created?

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The aim of the short TV adverts is to point out the positive changes made to the McDonald’s Happy Meal. To spice it up visually and make it more fun, the agency resorted to 3D printing and stop-motion animation.

For example, each of the individual figurines was 3D modeled and printed, with bodies and heads being separate, before being hand painted.

Once every scene was 3D-modeled, and assembled too, the frames were organized in order to create the impressive stop-motion effect.

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A team of fifty people worked for twelve weeks on bringing the stop motion advert to life, under the direction of Yves Gelevyn.

He said: “A lot of miniature work is now done with CGI. Stop motion possesses an authenticity, a human touch, that adds so much to a story. It allows you to create something whimsical that is grounded in something authentic”

Let us know what you think of the stop-motion in the comments, do you feel more included to buy a Happy Meal?