Big Numbers

MakerBot Milestone: 100,000 3D Printers Sold Worldwide

MakerBot Milestone

What do you call a sales figure of 100,000 desktop 3D printers worldwide? Why, it’s nothing less than a MakerBot Milestone.

MakerBot have officially sold more than 100,000 3D printers worldwide, the first company in the 3D printing industry to reach this landmark figure. MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom said:

“Being the first company to have sold 100,000 3D printers is a major milestone for MakerBot and the entire industry. MakerBot has made 3D printing more accessible and today is empowering businesses and educators to redefine what’s possible. What was once a product used only by makers and hobbyists has matured significantly and become an indispensible tool that is changing the way students learn and businesses innovate.”

To celebrate, MakerBot is temporarily slashing the price of MakerBot Replicator from $2,899 to $2,499 until 15 June 2016.

This isn’t the first set of “Big Numbers” to come from the company, either. Last November, they celebrated reaching 1,000,000 uploads and 200,000 downloads on Thingiverse.

With both hardware and content sown up, it seems that MakerBot’s pole position in consumer 3D printing is pretty firmly established.

MakerBot Milestone: Makers To Share Their Stories

The company is also launching a social media contest, called #MakerMilestones, encouraging customers to share their stories for a chance to win one of three MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printers.

“We’re challenging people across our social media platforms to share their #MakerMilestones,” said Colby Dennison, Vice President of marketing at MakerBot. “Tell us the moment in which 3D printing inspired you, changed the way you work or led to a positive outcome for a student, colleague, or friend.”

A panel of judges will select the best of the submitted stories from the 50 most popular posts across MakerBot’s social media platforms.

The judges include Jonathan Jaglom, MakerBot CEO; Deanne Bell, Co-Host of CNBC’s Make Me A Millionaire, Inventor and Founder and CEO of Future Engineers; Jason Frasca, Entrepreneurship Instructor at Montclair State Universit;, and Tom and Tracy Hazzard, CEO and COO of Hazz Design.