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Maker Box is a Monthly Subscription for 3D Printing Filament & Tools

Maker Box
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Fancy a box of exotic 3D printing filament and handy maker tools delivered to your doorstep every month? The Maker Box subscription service has you covered.

Maker BoxNew company Maker Box has just launched a monthly 3D printing subscription box. For $69.99 a month, you’ll receive a box of surprise goodies that pledge to banish “boring filament” from your workbench.

Each box will contain a mystery 500kg roll of exotic 3D printing filament. It could be Glow in the Dark, or Wood, or Bronze, or Carbon Fiber. You’ll have to sign up to find out!

Maker Box have already lined up many different filament manufacturers and 3D printing companies to work with, including NinjaFlex, 3D Masterminds, Made Solid, taulman3D, 3D Fuel, 3DShoes.com, ColorFabb and 3Dom.

The first set of subscription boxes are scheduled to be shipped in February 2016. According to their website:

“We know you are too busy learning and tinkering to continuously keep up to date with the latest 3D printing filaments and tools, so we created a box that showcases the most exciting materials from the top filament brands each and every month to your doorstep. Inside each box you will also find handy maker tools, 3D downloads, reference guides and exclusive surprises. We do our part to ensure that our chosen filaments are both environmentally friendly and thoroughly tested before entering our maker’s toolkits.”

The part about environmentally friendly filament is an important one, too. There’s a growing awareness about the sustainability of 3D printing filaments, and it’s good to see another player that’s helping to promote their uptake.

Maker Box is a Loot Crate Done Right

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Loot Crate concept applied to 3D printing. Earlier this summer, there was the Cube Forme Kickstarter campaign, which promised to send a monthly mystery box of 3D printed trinkets to their subscribers.

That venture didn’t get off the ground, and we’re not surprised. A surprise selection of pre-fabricated trinkets is a novelty at best. Maker Box, by comparison, has something more useful to offer the 3D printing community.

Also included in the boxes are maker tools such as screwdrivers, scrapers, pliers, wrenches, duct tape and many more 3D printing tools. There are also fun 3D downloads, reference sheets and guides. Altogether, a great way to learn about working with new filaments and materials.

If you live in the USA, shipping is included in the price, and each new subscription box is shipped out near the beginning of the month. Delivery times are expected to arrive by the 15th of each month, depending on your location.

Visit their website for more details and how to subscribe. They’re even hoping to entice you with a coupon code: “3DXMAS” so you can receive 10% off of your Maker Box for life. This offer ends on December 26th.

However, it’s important to remember to make sure you choose the right filament size for your 3D printer: the Maker Box is available in either a 1.75 mm filament option or a 3.0 mm filament option.

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