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Make Your Own Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap

Do you have the right equipment to save you from the ghosts that go bump in the night? You can now 3D print yourself a Ghostbusters ghost trap to make sure you’re safe.

Tested channel host Norman Chan and model builder Sean Charlesworth show off this new creation in a video, which can be seen below.

Charlesworth said in the video: “I hate it when you get a really cool looking prop and replica and you want to take the ammo cartridge out or pull the trigger or something and you’re like, it doesn’t actually work.” He added: “So I knew that I wanted this to work and so lights and sound were a must, the doors had to open.”

This prop pulls the best features from the traps that appear in the films, using as many original found parts as possible and the rest 3D printed. Charlesworth did a great job, as it actually has a working pedal to activate lights, sound, and smoke.


How Did they Create the Ghost Trap?

As much as possible, every piece for the ghost trap was designed and 3D printed. Charlesworth spent hours modeling and designing the trap which he based on reference material from the original Ghostbusters films.

The trap was built using a Dremel 3D printer which was sufficient to create a trap which has over 50 parts, over 70 screws and requires over 40 hours of print time.

The reason for having so many pieces is that Charlesworth approached the task as designing a model kit which you will be able to assemble and create using just a 3D printer.

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Perhaps one of the coolest parts of the trap is how Charlesworth creates the smoke. “I went down a rabbit hole of vaping; the technology in these things is actually really cool.” He laughed: “I was buying like magic DVDs for magic tricks, and it turns out it was e-cigarettes.”

So next time you consider calling your local ghost hunters, if you can endure a short 40 hours of paranormal activity, you’ll have a foolproof way to scare off any poltergeists.

If you’re interested in this then stay tuned to the Tested website for more about the build, and information about how you can download and 3D print one yourself.